How to Use Free Wi-Fi while you’re in-Flight

The internet is an amazing tool that allows us to access information, communicate, and entertain ourselves.

WiFi in the air depending on the airline you want to fly with. Through the following ways you can easily connect with the internet during flight.

And so, it’s only natural that we like to keep ourselves busy with it, especially when there is nothing to do. The best example of this is when we’re travelling.

Road travels are fine – just connect your device to a data plan and you have access to the internet. The same can’t be said when you’re thousands of feet in the sky travelling through an aeroplane though.

See some airlines offer in-flight Wi-fi, a lot of them actually. The problem with this, however, is that they usually charge a hefty price for the service.

This isn’t always the case though, few airlines offer free to use and if you’re one of the lucky people who get this, then congrats to you. 

And to others who just need the internet, but don’t want to pay for anything, this article is for you – well, some of you at least, specifically those that have an iPhone, Android devices and wants to travel with an airline that offers GoGo Wi-Fi service, which a lot of airlines in the United States do.

Important: If you ever want to access the WiFi during flight without empty your wallet. You Must Follow these Guidelines.
How to get free in-flight Wi-Fi with Different Devices:

So, assuming that you have an iPhone and are currently soaring through the air or will soon, then just follow these steps:

  • Now you should a prompt in front of you with several options. Choose ‘No, I need to download’.

  • Tap on any movie and hit ‘Play Video’, you won’t actually need to watch anything.

  • Now you should a prompt in front of you with several options. Choose ‘No, I need to download’.

  • You’ll be required to fill in a captcha and after doing so, be brought back to the previous page.
  • Tap ‘Download Now’, but don’t do anything else. You won’t actually need to download anything. You’re just making them think you need to so they give you free wi-fi.
  • Make sure to keep everything related to the process open. If you close anything, you won’t have access to the internet anymore. And that is it, just try browsing online.

Keep in mind that you are flying thousands of feet above the ground so the connection won’t exactly be the best. It is useful if you need to send a quick message though.

The easiest and shortest method of connecting WiFi during flight is choose those airlines who gives WiFi service in the air.

We hope this article was helpful. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a good way to get in-flight internet access other than this, without paying for it. That is, of course, assuming the airline doesn’t give free wi-fi, to begin with.

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