The Most Entertaining Games for your Smartphone Right Now

Smartphone gaming is a go-to option for people looking to pass the time and suppress any boredom these days. Not only is it convenient, but the games on offer are generally easy to grasp, take seconds to download, and can be picked up and put down throughout the day. The types of games available on a smartphone device vary massively these days also, with console-quality titles like Minecraft making the transition over to mobile alongside a whole host of other titles. The options for mobile gamers have, frankly, never been so good.


Thanks to the continual advancements made in our smartphones, they are now more powerful miniature machines than ever before. The graphics on offer have come on leaps and bounds, the sound has improved, and the online games on offer have added to the overall landscape of smartphone gaming dramatically. Then there’s even augmented reality releases like Pokemon Go, where you can venture outdoors and fill up your Pokedex as you explore an outside environment. Throw in the additional accessories you can purchase to elevate the all-around gaming experience further, such as joysticks and headphones, and smartphone gaming’s progress has been monumental. 

When assessing the types of games to download, though, it is arguably a saturated space. For every successful release, such as Among Us or popular casinos titles like the Lotto Madness slot at MansionCasino, there’s a lacklustre pool game or a shoddy console title that has failed to really hit the mark on a mobile phone device. It certainly isn’t unusual to see a game released on iOS or android and then simply fail to kick on from there, be it with a second instalment or a range of game-changing updates some developers like to add. Overall, though, the options for smartphone gamers are vast. Here is a look at some of them. 

Everyone loves Mario Kart, right? 

Yes, that’s right, Mario Kart has come to mobile in the shape of Mario Kart Tour. After some initial teething problems, the game is now an excellent option for a mobile gaming session. Its microtransactions have divided a few players also, but there’s certainly no disputing the pure entertainment that it provides. The game even features online multiplayer, too, enabling you to silence your friends. Mario Kart Tour has familiar characters, a whole host of fun levels, and it’s free to download and play, too, unless you fancy making some of the aforementioned in-game purchases. Image

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Fortnite has made a successful transition over to mobile 

One of the biggest games ever made is now pulling in the crowds on a mobile phone. Fortnite on a smartphone is cross-platform and enables cross-play, therefore allowing you to play a session of it on a smartphone device and then carry on your mission on a console or a PC. A controller extension is recommended, though. 

Visuals like no other 

When it comes to a pleasurable mobile gaming experience boasting gorgeous visuals and an all-around therapeutic affair, then it’s impossible to look past Monument Valley 2, although some gamers might argue that Genshin Impact is up there also. It’s a top game too, but Monument Valley 2 is perhaps more soothing. With its simple storylines and satisfying obstacles to tackle in a beautiful setting, you’ll enjoy this one. 

One for Marvel fans 
Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Strike Force and LEGO Marvel Superheroes are worth exploring, but nothing tops Marvel Contest of Champions. Compared by many to Marvel vs. Capcom, the game is a perfect fighter offering console-quality graphics. The game features all of the Marvel characters people know and love and a range of magnificent costumes too.

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