Best Guide to Start About Technology as a College Student

Academic writing requires high-level skills in the areas of research, analysis, reviews, referencing, and citation. You may have acquired some basic skills when in high school, but it is possible to lose them after transitioning to college.

Refreshing your academic writing skills is important because it enables you to write better and with confidence. Writing about technology is a little technical, requiring differentiation in style and purpose. Follow this guide to write the best papers about technology while in college. 

Understand The Basics

Writing about technology is a valuable skill that students should have when pursuing courses in the areas of computer applications, programming, software development, among others. 

When writing academic papers, ensure the clarity of style and present the information as professionally as possible. The text should explain the specialized and scientific guide and details to the reader regarding how to use the information. 

The area of technology goes beyond understanding the information and putting it in writing. It requires high-level processes and information and paying attention to the audiences’ expectations. The most common kinds of papers in the area of technology include research papers, argument papers, academic proposals, and exam essays. 

Research Papers About Technology

There are different forms of research papers, which depend on the specific requirements and writing purpose. Pay attention to the methods of research and how you present the results to ensure clarity and a smooth flow of ideas.

Some tasks require a combination of methods, but generally, all should have formal sections, including introduction, literature review, analysis, results’ discussion, and the conclusion.

When writing research papers, start by developing a focused and clear research question, topic, or thesis statement. This will be the basis of your discussion and will help you to identify suitable research sources such as the research reports. Analyze the source results and describe how they answer the research question or how they relate to your hypothesis. 

Argument papers

The idea behind arguments is to support a claim, an opinion, or a proposition in a persuasive approach. You must always frame an argument paper with a thesis statement to introduce a focused assertion. 

Focus on describing the main position or issue clearly and support your arguments with evidence while developing a conclusion based on that evidence. Practice as much as possible because you will need the writing skills when furthering your education. 

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Academic Proposal Writing

Academic proposals form part of conference presentations or applications for grants. They provide the details of a project idea or a research plan with the aim of seeking support from another entity.

Academic proposal writing is common at graduate and undergraduate levels and is required by students involved in technical research projects. When writing such a proposal, take note of the instructions from the organization that has requested the proposal. 

Follow the process guidelines and the formatting requirements while ensuring the clarity and completeness of the information. Have a clear title to grab the attention of the reviewer and a focused introduction to explain the plan. 

Exam Essay Writing

Written exams are used to evaluate the students’ knowledge of a particular subject or topic. Professors can also use them to assess the students’ understanding of complex concepts as presented in the course resources and reading materials. 

To succeed in an exam essay, complete all course reading assignments, organize your study time and the materials and participate in all the discussions. Read the questions carefully while taking note of the key technical terms and keywords. Develop an outline to define the sequence and the scope of the essay as well and important courses and concepts. 


Writing about technology starts by acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge in a particular subject or topic. Paying attention to the professors’ instructions will prepare you to be a better writer with the ability to handle various topics, no matter the complexity. Understand the type of writing and its scope before putting anything down to avoid making mistakes, including irrelevant details. Seek help where necessary and practice more to gain confidence in writing. 

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