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How to Stay Entertained With Free Internet At Airport:

Delayed flights, layovers, and simply being early. There are many scenarios, which can lead to an extensive amount of time being spent at the airport. And it is no secret that you can easily become bored while waiting for your flight. 

If you are looking for ways to combat boredom, you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of possible activities to keep you occupied during those dreadful hours of waiting.

Watch Videos on your Phone or Computer

These days, many streaming services offer you the possibility to download videos, movies, and TV shows. This means that you can watch them anywhere, even if you are not connected to the internet. 

Many travellers are well aware that airport WiFi can be slow and unstable – if it is even available. Being able to download anything you wish to watch before leaving home is a clever way to avoid this problem. 

People Watching

This can be a particularly fun game if you are not travelling alone. Take turns looking around, trying to come up with interesting stories about your fellow passengers. Maybe the man in the suit is actually a secret agent returning from a dangerous mission? Or the beautiful woman in the tight dress might be running away with her late husband’s fortune to avoid the wrath of his family?

Enjoy Online Games

Especially if you’re travelling on your own, your phone can suddenly become your best friend. Filled with endless opportunities and fun, all you might need is a charger in case your delay ends up draining your phone’s battery. 

Dive into the world of entertaining games and online slots, which can easily make time fly by in a flash. There is no reason to sit around and stare at your feet with this option available to cure your boredom.

Catch Up on Your Correspondences

Although it might not necessarily be fun, being stuck in an airport with nothing to do can be the perfect time to answer those texts and emails that you have forgotten all about. From personal messages to work-related messages – once you have finally answered them, you no longer need to feel bad about neglecting them.

Explore the shops

Most airports, even smaller ones, offer shopping. Not only can you discover great deals at the duty-free section, but you can also find cute shops with funny souvenirs and stylish stores with clothes, bags, and jewelry. 

In case you are returning from a trip and have forgotten to buy a gift for your partner or child, this is also a prime opportunity to find a small token of appreciation. Meanwhile, it is also a great way to kill time until your flight starts boarding.

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