How to Reset Spectrum Router or Modem Instantly

Your modem is the device that provides the internet however it’s not what gives you access to the internet itself, that would be the router’s job.

It’s actually quite normal to confuse the two since the router is usually built into the modem, but at times it acts as a separate device.

It’s actually quite normal to confuse the two since the router is usually built into the modem, but at times it acts as a separate device.

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Spectrum provides both, depending on which service you chose. Yes, i am going to talk about how to reset the spectrum router in a bit. But first, talk a bit more about these two. Lastly, keep in mind this process works for gaming routers as well as the business router of the spectrum.

At this age where everything is done through the internet, it’s important that we have easy access with appropriate speed. After all, we need the internet for work and education, not just entertainment. Unfortunately, however, this isn’t always the case.

Best Wireless Router for Charter Spectrum

The internet speed can slow down at times, and Spectrum, as amazing as the service is, gets this problem too. After all, no network is immune to the occasional slow-down. Other then this method there are some router setting for fast internet service as well if resting spectrum doesn’t work quite well.

Not to worry though, the solution could be a lot easier than you think. And that solution would be to reset your Spectrum modem. This is a bit different from just simply turning it off and on, but not by much.

So, if you’re in need of a quick reset for whatever reason, perhaps your internet had slowed down or if there was a recent set of maintenance around and you were instructed to reset  – then we got you covered. Just follow this article and your connection speeds could be back to normal!

How to Reset Spectrum Router (Step by Step Guide)

To begin this process, you first need to identify whether your Spectrum modem has a built-in router to it or not.

This should be pretty easy. If you have one device that gives you internet, then the answer is yes, but if you have two separate devices, then they’re separate.

Router built-in to Modem

  • If your modem and router are combined into one device, then you can reset it by first unplugging the power cord from the device. Depending on the device that you’re currently using you may need to take out any batteries the inside.
  • Once you’ve done the first stem, wait for about 30 seconds before reconnecting the power cord to your modem or placing the batteries back in.
  • After a few minutes, your modem should be working just fine. Check your phone or computer if the connection is working and that should do it.

Routers Separate from Modem

  • The process for when the router and modem are separate are essentially the same. Start by unplugging the power cord off the modem and/or any batteries that may be present. Do this first before unplugging the router’s power cord just as you did the modem.
  • Wait at least 30 seconds before plugging in the modem’s power cord back. Once you’ve done this, however, wait for another two minutes for the device to reboot completely.
  • With the modem up and running, it’s time for the router to power up again. Plug the power cord to the router and wait at least two minutes for the device to start working again.
  • Now that you’ve done the reset, all that’s left to do is to open up your phone or computer and check your internet connection.

And those are the two methods to reset your Spectrum modem.


We hope this article helped you get exactly what you want to be wanted, but if for whatever unfortunate reason that your connections speeds are still slow or are continuing to have problems of any kind with your internet, contact your local Spectrum service provider and have them direct you to customer support.

They should be able to give you a more detailed list of instructions or send a technician.

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