10 Fun Games To Play Right Now

There are so many video games in the world that it is nearly impossible to choose a favorite. However, like with online slots, some are just way more fun than others.

If you want to narrow it down slightly, this list will go through ten of the most fun games you can download and play right now. 


Minecraft is legendary at this point. There are also two main modes you can choose from that will test your skill and imagination. 

Sandbox mode gives you access to all blocks and items in the game, and you can do and build almost anything you want.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a combination of soccer and high-powered cars. Teams of three battle in an area to score goals using their skill and controlling a massive ball. Each arena is filled with boosts that give you the extra speed you need. 

You can also destroy enemy vehicles, which temporarily takes them out of the game before they respawn. The game is fast-paced, requires tons of skill at high levels, and is incredibly enjoyable from the moment you start playing. 


Battle Royales have been famous for a few years now, with two being standout titles. Fortnite is one, and the new kid on the block that has become a fan-favorite is Warzone.

You can loot and explore the map, finding weapons, ammo, armor, and money that buys you upgrades at buy-stations. You can play by yourself, or in groups of two, three or four. There are also numerous modes added and changed regularly.

Grand Theft Auto V 

Grand Theft Auto V is the biggest game in the GTA series so far. It was released a few years ago now, and regular updates and expansions are added all the time. It was released in 2013 and plays like a game that was released the other day. 

You take on the role of three different low-level thieves and con-men as they fight, steal, and lie their way to the top in their city. There are hundreds of missions and side-missions, secrets to discover, and several mysteries to solve. 


Deathloop was released earlier this year and has already become one of the most popular and fun games around. You are an assassin on an island who is tasked with eliminating members of a secret order. One catch, you only have until midnight before time resets. 

You have to explore, find clues, and set up events that force all the members of this order to be in the same place simultaneously. If you eliminate one and time runs out, you lose your progress. Deathloop is an excellent spin on the time-traveling genre. 

League of Legends 

Some may think that games which require a lot of time and skill can’t be as fun as others; League of Legends proves this wrong. You and your teammates battle on a map to control specific points before fighting to destroy your enemy’s base. 

There are many characters to choose from, each with its strengths and weaknesses. You have to communicate with your team and attack at the right time to win. The game is all about teamwork, and of course, skill. 


While it wasn’t the first battle royale game around, Fortnite is the one that took the genre, and gaming as a whole, to a new level. The bright colors, unique gameplay, and the many in-game events make the game as great as it is. 

Like other BR’s, you drop into a map and must loot up to defend yourself. Fortnite is different in the sense of having a building mechanic, and you can make ramps, stairs, and buildings to protect yourself or fight an enemy. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

On the more calm side of gaming, Animal Crossing puts you in control of your unique character as you live on and explore an island. You can build up your town, trade, do quests, and interact with NPCs and other players. 

The game is also updated regularly with new items, tasks, and in-game events. Games like Pokemon and Super Mario are usually the most popular on the Switch, but Animal Crossing most definitely deserves the spotlight. 

God of War 

The God of War series is one of the most popular in gaming. You play as Kratos, a half-man, half-god, and in the latest release, you move away from Greek mythology and are placed in the world of Norse mythology. 

You have to battle your way across this mysterious and dangerous world, encountering mythical beasts and gods such as Thor, who you have to fight and defeat. At the end of the game, the twist is one of the best and perfectly sets up the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok title. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 

The Witcher sees you take control of Geralt, a Witcher, or someone who possesses powers that they use to rid the world of monsters and creatures that terrorize people and towns. The open-world game also allows you to explore and take part in side-quests. 

It is one of the most popular game franchises globally and has hours and hours of gameplay available. Since it was first released, the game has received rave reviews and is regarded as one of the best games ever made. 

While these aren’t all the games that will provide hours of fun, they are certainly some of the best. If you haven’t played them yet, you should change that as soon as you can. If you have played them already, you know they are worth revisiting. 

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