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Does Zelle Work Internationally? Other Reliable Methods

Zelle is one of the finest platforms for making digital payments, Zelle does not work internationally but it operates domestically only.

Being exclusively utilized in the United States facilitates the users to make cross-payments bound within the respective country.

Through Zelle, you can make safe and secure payments. Unlike many other money transfer services readily available, it does not ask for the extensive personal information of the recipient.

Transferring money through Zelle is just a click away. All you have to do is share the amount by punching in the email address or the recipient’s contact number.

  • However, either party must access Zelle through official resources, i.e., a bank or a credit union. 

If both the sender and the recipient are Zelle users, it is just a couple of steps to a seamless transaction without further efforts.

However, if the recipient is not a Zelle user and is supposed to receive money from one, then they must get themselves registered.

  • Once the registration process is complete, they will obtain the cash without any delay.

If the recipient fails to register within the 14 days of money being sent, the amount will automatically be returned to the sender’s account. 

What’s In The Box? Zelle App

Some of the major banks of the US that are affiliated with the Zelle. These include Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, and a few others.

Getting access to Zelle and sending money through this service is a straightforward and effortless procedure. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps, and voila!

  • Enroll your email address; if not, enter your contact number through the mobile banking app or directly with the Zelle app.
  • The next step includes entering the email address of your beneficiary.
  • Lastly, please select the amount that is to be sent, and it’s done.

Even though it comes with many benefits, its services are yet to be expanded internationally, and only local users are currently facilitated. Zelle also provides acceptance of very limited card types, only allowing the use of debit cards exclusively.

Here are some of the cards which do not offer you access to Zelle’s services; Gift cards, Business debit cards, international cards, Prepaid cards, and credit cards.

Zelle does not work internationally?

As we know Zelle work domestically and does not work internationally. However, many Zelle alternatives are available that allow you to perform transactions internationally of any sort, be it sending money to your loved ones, shopping online from international brands, or making quick payments of any kind. 

Best Available Zelle App Alternatives

Let us now walk you through some of the best available payment networks that can wipe away your worries of not performing transactions internationally. 


Over the years, the financial network has built its trust with commendable services for its customers, making daily-life payments just a blink away.

However, even though it is one of the most suitable alternatives, it charges you an extra fee that depends on the country to which you are sending your money and the amount you are sending.

It also offers buyer’s protection, but its currency conversion rates are 3% above the base exchange rates.  


Wise comes with a lower transaction fee across the borders and is also a perfect alternative to Zelle. It enables you to send money to over 70 countries at the best exchange rate with no hidden costs.  


To make your cross-payments easier, safe, and secure, here is another widely used alternative of Zelle known for its well-built reputation over the years.

It made money transfers a piece of cake for its users through its user-friendly interface. Above all, its transfer time is just one business day making it a suitable alternative. 


Another one to the rescue! Remitly is one of the cheapest sources of transferring money outside the United States, catering to the restrictions that Zelle users have to face otherwise.

So, breathe in their top-notch services and transfer money abroad in just a couple of clicks!

To wrap it up, Zelle is not available anywhere but in the US. Even though Zelle is the quickest and easiest source for a money transfer, it comes with a pinch of disadvantages, too, and its international unavailability happens to be on the top.

You will see a broad range of features offered by every respective money transferring platform. Whatever deems fit, your interest should be the top priority when choosing an alternative to Zelle for sharing money internationally.

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