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How To Transfer Money From Greendot Card To Bank Account

Green Dot is one of the known financial technologies that allows you to transfer money from your Green Dot cards to bank accounts and other money transfer platforms.

  • Green Dot is one of the registered bank holding companies that help you with your money management and payment solutions.
  • With more than 90,000 retail distribution worldwide, it now operates first and foremost as a branchless bank.
  • Green Dot allows you to transfer money to multiple other financial institutions such as Cash App and PayPal.
  • You can make a daily funds transfer, receive paychecks and seamlessly accept government deposits too. Just load your card with a certain amount of cash, keeping in mind the maximum limits, and you are good to go!
  • The mobile application of Green Dot also facilitates you with a number of those services such as making direct deposits, transferring funds to your relatives and friends, account alerts, mobile wallet compatibility, tap-and-go payments. 

Cards Offered by Green Dot

Green Dot offers its customers several cards to make payments at their convenience.

Before getting into the details of how you can transfer money from a Green Dot card to the bank accounts, let us give you a quick overview of the financial products it offers to its customers.

Following cards provide you with an easy and convenient funds transfer from one place to another:

  • Green Dot Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards 
  • Green Dot Prepaid Cards
  • Green Dot Checking Cards
  • Payroll Cards By Greendot

The cards help you with numerous daily financial processes such as personal banking, mobile banking, depositing money, sending money, and paying bills.

They deliver the best-in-class financial management solutions to the consumers. 

Following are the Green Dot’s prepaid card categories that you can benefit from. They are available at several select stores. 

Green Dot Visa Debit Card

  • No monthly fees
  • Get paid early
  • Overdraft protection 
  • Shop everywhere 

This card also allows you access to Green Dot’s Money Vault.

It is the most innovative and clever way of helping you to save a significant amount of cash for future usage or for important purchases you wish you make.

Once you have moved your cash into the vault, it can only be accessed when you transfer it back to your card.

There is no monthly fee that you are bound to pay. You can also save up to a $7.95 maintenance fee a month when you deposit an amount of $500 or even more in the previous month. 

Green Dot Cash Back Visa Debit Card

  • 2% cash back+2% APY 
  • Free ATM Network
  • Overdraft protection 
  • Shop everywhere 

This one here is also somewhat similar to a Visa Debit card. A few differences included getting 2% cashback on the purchase you make on mobile and online.

It also offers you a saving account without fees; however, it earns 2% annual interest.

It offers free ATM withdrawals, i.e., without any extra charging fee on transactions. Bu this will only be available for in-network ATMs.

You will be bound to pay a fee of $3 in case of out-network ATMs. 

Unlike the Visa Debit card, you cannot get access to the Green Dot’s Money Vault, cannot waive off the monthly maintenance fee, which means you will have to pay an amount of $9.95, i.e., more than what you would pay for Visa Debit Card. 

Green Dot Pay As You Go Visa Debit Card

  • No monthly fees
  • Get paid early
  • Overdraft protection 
  • Shop everywhere 

The purchase price of this one is around $3.95. The cardholders of this need to pay a transaction fee of $1.50 every time they make one.

This does allow access to the Green Dot’s Money Vault and holds features almost similar to that of other Green Dot cards.

The withdrawals from the ATM cost a $3 transaction fee for one transaction. 

Transfer Money From Greendot Card To Bank Account

Making funds transfer through a Green Dot is a piece of cake and does not require extensive information from both the sender and the recipient.

To transfer money from your Green Dot card, the first thing you need to do is to get the account number in addition to the routing number that has been assigned to your respective Green Dot prepaid card.

This will lead you to the next step, where you will have to add the amount you wish to send along with the details, including your account and routing number of the recipient account.

This is by far the best-suited way to transfer money to your bank account. The transfer occurring from Green Dot to a bank account can roughly take up to four to 4 working days. 

Account/Routing Number of Greendot > Amount of Money > Account/routing number of bank account > Confirm the transaction.

Transfer Money From GreenDot Card To Another Bank Account

You will first have to get your prepaid card linked to your bank account to make such transfers.

After this, set up one external account that would be a mediator to transfer your money from a prepaid card to another designated bank account.

Green Dot Allows transferring money by using ACH transfer. The automated clearing house is a secure way to transfer funds from your Green Dot account to a bank account.

Once done, you can enjoy an effortless transfer of funds to your prepaid card from your respective bank, as they will now be linked.

All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned process, and you are all set to proceed!

Login to the website of your bank > Enter the amount you wish to transfer > account details from where you are transferring the amount > add your prepaid account. 

Transferring Money from Green Dot to Cash App

As mentioned earlier, Green Dot cards assist its customers in transferring money to other financial platforms. Here is an essential guide that will help you in doing so!

Create a Cash App > Building Icon > My Cash > Cash and Bitcoin > Add Bank > Debit card or a Credit card > Add the information of the respective card > Add Card.

Transferring Money from GreenDot to PayPal

For this process, you need to have a personalized Green Dot card. Otherwise, the process won’t be accessible.

You can make online purchases by linking your card to PayPal. The online purchase can be from the best retail corporations such as Walmart, eBay, and Amazon.

Why Use Green Dot’s Prepaid Cards?

Green Dots’ Visa and Mastercard are desirable options you need to get your hands on.

Some of the high-end advantages that you can have access to while using Green Dots’ prepaid cards include:

No overdraft fees: If you make transactions within the limit assigned by your respective bank, then you will be free of any overdraft fee. However, in case of a negative balance, you will be accountable. 

Preventable monthly fee: Green Dot presents before you a convenient way of avoiding the monthly fee. For this, you have to deposit $1000 on your card and escape the need to pay an amount of $7.95 for monthly maintenance otherwise. 

Online bill pays: You can easily schedule and make your bill payments through this feature offered by Green Dot without paying any additional costs.

Expensive Check-Cashing Services: You can cash your checks for free. In addition, you can keep track of your account by using the mobile check deposit feature or directly depositing the check. 

VIP benefits : To enjoy the undivided and full benefits, you can also join Green Dots’ VIP program. This aims at waiving off ATM fees and withdrawals made from bank tellers.

It offers the best customer support with well-resourced services to avoid any inconvenience. 

Some of the downsides of Green Dot prepaid cards involve:

  • ATM transactions are often charged since Green Dot does not own an ATM under its corporation
  • A negative balance fee or penalty fee is charged if you fail to deposit funds to your prepaid card to use it.
  • Green Dot is costly when it comes to checking papers. This also needs approval from mobile apps before bringing it into use. 

Green Dot, along with the affiliation and efforts of its banking partners, has flawlessly enabled people living across the world to manage their money and keep track of every penny from an eagle’s eye. 

Sending funds through prepaid cards has been a breather for a while now. Gone are the days when people had to worry about sending money to their loved ones or making cash payments for online shopping. Now you can easily transfer money from Greendot card to bank account.

Funds transfers are now just at your bay and can be made with a couple of clicks!

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