Discord Not Working With Rainbow Six Siege | Issue Solved!

Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical first-person shooter game in which a team of five players competes against one another.

It’s a highly competitive shooter that necessitates constant communication between players. This is because map awareness is important in this game.

  • As a result, players must use voice contact to make callouts.

Even though text chat is available in the game, it can give the enemy enough time to rush out and destroy your squad.

This is why voice communication is so important in this game and discord not working with rainbow six sieges can be a big setback.

Discord Not Working With Rainbow Six Siege – How Do I Solve?

Even though Siege has in-game voice chat, many players tend to use Discord.

The issue is that most players are annoyed that their Discord isn’t compatible with Rainbow Six Siege causing discord not working with rainbow six Siege.

Their Discord seems to work well in other games and applications. As a result, the majority of players are perplexed.

This is why, in today’s post, we’ll concentrate on showing you how to resolve the issue of discord not working with the rainbow six sieges.

You should be able to get your Discord going in the game by following a series of troubleshooting measures.

So, let’s have a look at what these measures are.

1- Make Sure All Applications Are Running As An Administrator

We’ve already discussed how certain programs run with elevated privileges, causing Discord to fail to operate properly within that program.

Discord can be run as an administrator to get around this. After that, you should be able to use Discord with Rainbow Six Siege without issue, as it is considered to have the same issue.

2- Use Discord In Full-Screen Mode

Strangely enough, some users say that turning their Discord window full screen fixed their problem discord not working with rainbow six sieges.

After that, press the Alt + Tab to return to your game. This is why we recommend that you do the same thing to see how it works.

3- Discord Overlay Is Disabled

Discord overlay has been known to create a slew of problems with your games and apps. It is recommended that you turn this feature off unless you need it

Aside from not functioning properly, Discord has been known to cause your game to stutter.

Also, though this isn’t a guarantee that it will solve your issue, you can still try. This is done to ensure that Discord continues to run even though the CPU is at 100% utilization

4- Consider Using Voice Activities

When playing those games, Discord does not always function with push-to-talk allowed. To resolve this, the player simply needs to change their Discord settings to voice operation.

How Can I Get Discord Not Working With Rainbow Six Siege To Work Again?

1- Select 1 Frame V-sync From The Drop-Down Menu

  • Launch Rainbow Six Siege to address the game’s Discord voice chat not working problem.
  • Then, at the top right of the Rainbow Six title screen, press the settings tab.
  • Discord and Rainbow Six Siege’s settings buttons aren’t working.
  • To access the settings, go to Options.
  • The Display tab should be selected.
  • Then scroll down to the V-Sync setting, which is shown right below.
  • Rainbow Six Siege and the V-Sync setting aren’t working.
  • For the V-Sync environment, choose 1 frame.
  • Then press the Apply button.

2- Increase The Importance Of The Discord Mission

  • Right-click your taskbar and pick Task Manager when Discord is going.
  • In Task Manager, go to the Details page.
  • Discord and Rainbow Six Siege aren’t working in the Details tab.
  • Right-click the Discord.exe process that is using the most memory and select Properties (RAM).
  • On the context menu that appears, choose Set priority.
  • Discord and Rainbow Six Siege aren’t running, so set a priority submenu.
  • Then, on the Set priority submenu, select the High option.
  • On the confirmation prompt window that appears, select the Change priority option.

3- Set A-Frame Rate Limit For Rainbox Six

  • By pressing the Windows and E keys at the same time, you can access File Explorer.
  • Open the Rainbow Six Siege folder on your computer.
  • Select a string code, such as the one shown below, to open the folder.
  • Rainbow Six Siege and the Rainbow Six Folder aren’t working.
  • To open the GameSettings configuration file in Notepad, double-click it.
  • In the configuration file, scroll down to the Display portion.
  • Rainbow Six Siege and the GameSettings file aren’t running.
  • If the FPSLimit value is currently higher than 75, lower it.
  • Pick the Save option from the File menu.
  • After that, close Notepad.
  • Pick Properties from the right-click menu of the GameSettings file.
  • Choose Read-only attributes from the drop-down menu.
  • Discord’s read-only mode and Rainbow Six Siege’s read-only mode aren’t running.
  • To exit, click the Apply button and select the OK option.
  • These are some of the resolutions that players have stated will address Rainbow Six Siege’s Discord overlay and voice chat problems.

So, if you can’t see the Discord overlay or hear in-game voice chat when playing Rainbow Six Siege, those possible solutions are worth a shot.  discord not working with rainbow six sieges will surely be resolved.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, their different ways to repair discord not working with the rainbow six sieges. We strongly advise that you pay attention to every detail in this post.

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