Discord Link Preview Not Working | Issues And Solutions

It allows users to send and connect unique sites and files in addition to many of the other great features it offers, such as messaging, video chatting, voice chatting, streaming, and more.

Discord Link Preview Not Working – 4 Solutions

This is a fairly standard feature found in most apps, so it isn’t quite as exclusive as the app’s other features.

Nonetheless, it is also really useful and a fantastic addition to Discord. However, there are minor issues that can occur with these links (link discord changing avatar too fast), especially YouTube links.

  • The issue is that you don’t get to see a glimpse of the video or website that the connection leads to leading to error discord link preview not working or discord Keeps Disconnecting.

If you’re one of the many people who have to face why Discord isn’t working for YouTube preview, here are ways to fix them

Why isn’t there a preview embedded in the page and result in a discord link without preview?

  • 1. Inside the channel, check the bot’s Embed Links permission to see if it is permitted to post embeds.
  • 2. User Settings -> Text & Images -> Link Preview -> Show a preview of a website from links pasted into the conversation. You won’t be able to see any embeds if this is turned off.
  • 3. Use the options command to see if image connection previews are available for the feed.

Otherwise, if you didn’t use the embed command to create a custom embed, Discord would produce it entirely.

If Discord did not/cannot construct an embed, the connection associated (link discord overlay not working wow) with the embed could not contain enough information for Discord to do so.

How Do I Get Discord To Show A YouTube Preview?

1. Exit And Re-Enter Discord

The first thing you can do is close and reopen the Discord program. Check if the preview is present in the specific chat in which you were sent the connection.

Most users can get the preview to appear by closing and restarting the program, in an attempt to restart (link how to refresh discord it), and this should be the case for you.

2. Switch On Connection Previews

If restarting Discord didn’t bring back the connection previews, you should look into the application’s settings.

There are several instances where connection previews are automatically disabled for unique chats and servers, and this may be the case right now.

Check whether connection previews are allowed or not in Discord’s user settings, as YouTube previews will not appear if the feature is disabled.

You can verify this by going to the user settings menu and selecting the text and photos tab. The link preview function should be located somewhere in the aforementioned tab.

Even if it’s already enabled, try disabling and re-enabling it since it has proven to fix the issue for multiple users.

3. The Problem With A Specific Connection

The problem with previews not appearing on a screen can often be caused by a particular connection.

It’s a good idea to have someone give you a random YouTube link (not the one you already have) to see if you can see a preview for that.

If you can, this confirms that the issue was with the connection to that particular page/video.

4. Uninstall And Reinstall The App

If you’ve never been able to see previews for YouTube or some other website on Discord before, it’s possible that a problem occurred during the application’s initial installation.

This can be quickly resolved by removing Discord and reinstalling it from the official website. Since the application is so small, this shouldn’t take long and is a straightforward method.

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