Verizon Dropping Calls? Here’s How To Fix It!

Verzion is known as a reliable network, but even with its well-grounded service users have reported Verizon dropping calls.

This article will lead you through a few typical solutions that should help you solve the problem.

Reasons You Are Facing Verizon Dropping Calls

It’s a headache to deal with missing critical calls. A lot of factors can cause this. As a result, you should do a comprehensive investigation into the problem to remedy it as soon as possible.

Service areas Covered

You may suffer dropped calls if you leave the coverage area. You’ll almost certainly have dropped calls if you’re outside of Verizon’s coverage area, such as out in the country.

Because it is unable to receive a strong signal, your cellphone is unable to maintain a phone connection for a lengthy amount of time.

You can fix this difficulty by moving closer to the service territory, which is usually closer to a city. You can see where service locations are situated on Verizon’s coverage map.

Previous-Generation Equipment

Out-of-date or poorly maintained equipment might result in dropped calls. Older phones with outdated technology have a harder time picking up tower signals than modern phones, resulting in dropped calls.

Phones that have been dropped frequently or that have been exposed to water will not perform as well as other phones.

If the antenna has been broken due to poor maintenance, the phone may drop calls more frequently than it should.

External Resources

Your phone may reject calls if you travel through a tunnel or hilly terrain because it can’t get a tower signal.

Tall structures can also interfere with your phone’s ability to get a signal, resulting in dropped calls. When calling a wireless landline phone with low batteries, the call quality may suffer.

Weather Extremes

Weather extremes and seasonal conditions, such as heavy snow, storms, and even budding trees, can all affect your coverage.

Other Factors

If your cell phone loses a call in your house, it’s possible that the building is blocking your coverage.

RF signals can be deflected or distorted by large buildings and other objects, causing your cell phone service to be disturbed.

According to studies, cell signal strength drops by about 30% on average inside a vehicle. That’s because the cars we drive, which are mostly made of metal and glass, effectively block cell phone signals.

5 Effective Ways To Fix Verizon Dropping Calls


The first thing you should do is reboot your smartphone, without getting into technical details. If your phone is having trouble connecting to your network, simply rebooting it may help.

  • Whether you are iPhone user and facing Verizon iPhone dropping calls issue.

Simply wait a few minutes after turning off your device before turning it back on. This should remove any files on your phone that were preventing it from making calls.

Traffic on Network

In some cases, your network may be overburdened, producing the issue you’re having. When making calls in a crowded area, this is a common mistake.

It’s also possible that you’re underground and your device isn’t receiving any signals at all.

However, by just changing your location, you may alleviate both of these issues. You should now be able to make calls without them dropping.

Background Apps Should Be Shut Down

We lose track of what’s running on our phones because we jump from app to app, and before we know it, we’ve got twenty or thirty apps open at once.

  • Dropped calls could be the result of such cache memory issues.

Find out how many apps are currently running on your Verizon phone. It can consume the phone’s memory and cause problems if you have multiple apps running in the background that you have forgotten about, close them all, and then refresh, hopefully, it will fix Verizon dropping calls.

Examine The Sim Card

Your SIM card may move slightly, causing similar problems on the network. While this is exceedingly unlikely to happen, if you desire, you may still remove the SIM card tray.

  • Make sure it’s still in the right spot and hasn’t moved.

Finally, replace your phone’s SIM tray and wait for it to read your SIM card. After you’ve completed it, you should notice that your calls have returned to normal.

Reach Out To Verizon

Lastly, if the issue why is my phone dropping call Verizon continues, the issue is likely with Verizon’s server instead of your device.

So now your last choice is to contact the service directly. Make certain you tell them everything you know about your condition.

This will assist you in locating and resolving a solution to your situation. Because the process can take some time, it is recommended that you wait patiently.

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