Things To Do If You Love Harry Potter


Harry Potter has shaped much of our childhood, and even after reading all the books multiple times and watching the movies till we remember all the dialogues, there is always a void.

Something where we crave to read more or do something which will keep us connected to the wizarding world.

So, what more can we do?

Suppose you are one of those Potterheads pining to do something about that status. If you wish to find more activities to feel the closeness you felt with the books and all the Harry Potter movies, then you have reached the right place.

We welcome you to a new world of Harry Potter where you can do everything wizarding again.

Activities For A Potterhead

Here are some of the best Potterhead activities suited to your taste. If you are yet to read books or watch movies, then we suggest you do it right away. Download the movies and ebooks for free from pirate bay.

1. Harry Potter Videos

If you wish to get a break from the movies, then indulge in the array of Harry Potter videos you will find on youtube. You will find entire character descriptions, backstories, merchandise hauls, and even old interviews of the cast in their heydays. You will find endless interviews with the writer and get a better deep dive into the characters as well.

You will also find some short movies which delve into the world which were not explored in the movies. For example, The Marauders or even The Black Sisters. We even found one duel with Snape and the Marauders. 

2. Harry Potter Fanfiction

Harry Potter fanfiction has a whole fandom on its own. Do you think the canon Harry Potter world is all you can have? Well, then brace yourself for what you are about to encounter. You will have come across alternate realities where Harry is Harriet Potter. There are ships that you were pining for throughout the movie but didn’t get (cough…Dramione…cough); you will get them all in the world of fanfiction.

Download a few, and get reading right away!

3. Harry Potter Merchandise Collection

Yes, you have to spend some on it. But, we are not asking you to go for the big ones. You do not have to get the seven Horcruxes if you cannot afford them right now. However, a few wands here and there, potion jars from Flourish and Bots, or even Hogwarts build it yourself castle.

No, it is not a toy; it is an emotion.

4. Harry Potter Art & Crafts

If you are not able to buy the merchandise, you can make them. If you always had a hand for art, you could make your own wands, chocolate frog covers, and even the marauder’s map.

Youtube is your oysters, get some crafts material and get into it while the Harry Potter movie marathon goes on in the background. 

5. Harry Potter Treats

If you have a knack for baking, among other things, you can try some of the Harry Potter treats. You will find cookie molds and even classic recipes like chocolate frogs and butter beers which you can dive into.

Make a Sunday evening of it, and get some of your other Potterhead friends to make these delicious delights

6. Harry Potter Pottermore

If you are not yet aware of this domain, then go search ‘Pottermore’ right now. It is the biggest virtual world for all Harry Potter friends. You can have yourself sought in a house and even get your Patronus with a few quizzes.

You can find out new and interesting information about small characters in the wizarding universe.

7. Harry Potter Podcasts

Harry Potter podcasts are another great way to get into the wizarding world. To hear other Potterheads all over the world and their takes on the books and movies.

Plus, you can live vicariously through their adventures in the Warner Bros wizarding world (because boy, they keep believing it) until your time comes!

Get On With It!

There you have it, seven things you can do right now if you are missing the wizarding world and don’t want to sit with the Sorcerer’s Stone again.