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The leads are kept in the Vortex lead management system that allows you to quickly make notes on the prospects you are calling.
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RedX Review

If you are new in the world of business, you must be aware of how difficult it is to make contacts and build consumer relationships.

Especially with so much to take care of, you might not always have the finances to throw around huge gatherings to make people aware of your business.

This is where lead generation software jumps in! Afterall technology has already eased our everyday lives, how was it possible that it wouldn’t help us grow our businesses?

Now coming towards the real estate business, since it demands heavy investments from the clients, it is of utmost importance that you never come across any scammers as it could potentially cost you your whole career.

For this purpose, lead generation software like REDX helps you generate and manage reliable leads and to transform them into valuable clients.

Through the REDX Vortex prospecting platform, you can have access to the highest quality homeowner data.

Apart from generating leads, REDX is also committed to helping you to measure objectives and maximize growth which are the key indicators of sustainable business growth.

How Much RedX Price?

REDX provides customized lead generation tools based on your budget and requirements.

The different tools have different monthly pricing plans which start from as low as $39.99/ month and may go as high as $99.99/ month.

Below is a brief list of REDX pricing plans which may help you choose your REDX real estate lead generation tool.

App Name Overview Cost/ Month
Vortex Prospecting platform to see your REDX leads, past clients, and sphere of influence Free
Expired Leads Gets you hard to find phone numbers daily that are cross-checked against active listings $59.99
Geoleads Use address, or map to get hundreds of phone numbers and addresses $49.99
FSBOs Gives you the contact information of homeowners looking to sell their home 12-24 hours earlier than others $39.99
FRBOs Gives you the contact information of owners looking to rent their vacant property $79.99
Pre-Foreclosures See homes in pre-foreclosures recognized by Vortex and get hard to find information from thousands of court records pulled by Vortex $39.99
Storm Dialer Combines all the features of all the tools offered by Vortex and rocket powers them $99.99

RedX Discount Offer

REDX values your dedication to growing your business and hence offers you a discount of $9.99 per month if you purchase more than one paid app. You don’t have to go through any lengthy procedures to avail of the discount, it will be automatically applied to your payment amount.

RedX Tools

REDX makes sure to be an inclusive tool so that real estate agents from all niches may benefit from it. Hence, it has launched multiple tools and apps that have different prices and the features also vary according to your requirements.

To help you choose better, here is a brief REDX review of different tools by REDX along with their features:

RedX Vortex

  • First Step to Generating Leads

REDX Vortex is one of the many tools of REDX but its feature is not very specific. It is a prospecting platform that helps get a list of clients and their contact information.

However, keep in mind that Vortex is more of a Lead Management System and not a Customer Relationship Manager.

This difference means that you can only use Vortex to generate new leads and that it doesn’t record and track your interactions with clients. That is why it is considered the first step of lead generation using REDX and is free of cost.

Being a next-generation software, REDX Vortex helps you prioritize who to call in each session by filtering the names and gives only the relevant information for each call.

It helps you prepare for the listing appointments with built-in scripts and objection handlers. Furthermore, it sends reminders and notes so that you may not lose any probable client.

  • Second Step to Choose Your Leads

With REDX real estate software, you can opt for your most suitable lead generation tool from the list. Below is a brief REDX review of all the tools by REDX and the features they have to offer.

1. Expired Leads

As the name suggests, these are the leads that were once looking to sell but their listings expired before they could make a deal. It is highly likely that when they hire a real estate agent, they may relist with another agent who comes on top of their list.

If you opt for the Expired Leads program, you will be provided with the contact information of the most relevant expired leads so that you may contact them and book listing appointments with them.

Expired Leads redx

Firstly, Vortex will look for expired leads that are otherwise hard to find or maybe in the Do-Not-Call List in their LMS. Afterward, the contact information of owners whose properties have been relisted will be forwarded to you.

Later, with all the important data with you and good practice, you may proceed with the next step of calling potential clients. Expired leads are usually the hardest to find but they also have the highest success rate of becoming a client.

2. Geoleads

Geoleads offers a targeted approach for anyone who wishes to look for clients of a particular area. As the name suggests, with Geo leads, you may enter an address and look for leads in its surroundings.

geoleads redx

This address could be based near properties you have listed or sold, closet an open house you are hosting, or a rich neighborhood that could offer a huge turnover. Just pinpoint on the maps or draw around the area of interest.

Vortex will also help you filter out any newly sold homes in a particular area. Farming methods like Just Listed/ Just Sold, door knocking, and neighborhood mailings are a sure way of building client relations.

3. FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

Often, the homeowners think of hiring agents as a tedious task and try to avoid it. However, most such owners after unsuccessfully trying to make a sale end up hiring the real estate agent anyway.

FSBO redx

The key is, in that case, they are most likely to hire the first agent that comes on their list and this is where FSBO kicks in. If you choose this tool, Vortex will provide you with numbers of homeowners looking to sell 12-24 hours before other software.

For this, Vortex works hard to get the hard find information of those properties that are enlisted as ‘for sale by owner’ from websites, newspapers, or magazines. It also looks for missing contact information while verifying leads against active listings and the Do Not Call lists.

Afterward, you can proceed with this lead following the same rule of practicing and calling the homeowner.

4. FRBO (For Rent By Owner)

Like properties for sale, sometimes the homeowners try to rent their vacant properties themselves but since this task requires special skills and networking, they often fail.

As a result, the rent asked by them falls below the originally asked amount because numerous months of vacancy bring the market value of the property down.

Hence, the FRBOs are very likely to list with agents after all and that is where FRBO prospecting kicks in.

First, Vortex will find vacant properties up for rental and filter out any that have already been listed with property management firms all the while highlighting numbers on the DNC list.

FRBOs Redx

Then, you call all such investors and landlords looking to rent their property and since they have not been approached by other agents, you can expect them o be more open to your suggestions, etc.

Also, these are business people who want a return on their investment and the vacant property is doing the opposite of that, hence you can expect your dealings with them to be cordial and welcoming.

By consistently talking with investors and landlords, you can hope and try to expand your network to include people who frequently buy and sell real estate.

5. Pre-Foreclosure

Pre-Foreclosure is the legal state of a property when it is in the early stages of being repossessed.

When a lender files a default notice on a property, which means legal action towards foreclosure could be pursued, that is when a property is in the state of a pre-foreclosure.

Pre-Foreclosure redx

If the property goes into foreclosure, it can be auctioned off to the highest bidder, this news is easily available in paper or magazines.

However, this information isn’t enough and you require valid contact information, mailing address, and phone number to approach this lead.

Usually, pre-foreclosure information can be found in county court and tax records but it is physically impossible to look for them yourself.

Hence, Vortex makes the job easy for you by pulling this information while highlighting the DNC numbers.

Afterward, you can call the homeowners whose property is in the pre-foreclosure state and can assist them in their times of confusion and distress.

By doing this, not only you will be prospecting a lead, but also building long-term networks by helping them save their property from getting auctioned off at a very low price.

6. Storm Dialer

Storm Dialer brings all the tools offered by REDX and enhances their features. Since lead prospecting requires calling different numbers and trying your luck with the homeowners.

Hand dialing takes up a lot of our time and if the call isn’t connected, leaving a voice mail or trying to reconnect may waste even more of your time.

Since prospecting is the game of how many contacts you can reach in how much time, you must make as many calls as possible within a short time as possible. This is precisely where Storm Dialer will help you.

It will attack your call lost on your command and as soon as one call is picked up, all others will drop. It further helps you save time by leaving pre-recorded voice mails so that you don’t have to record a new one each time.

Besides not being able to reach a lead, sometimes you may have to suffer through a tough conversation with a not-so-happy homeowner. This could lower your enthusiasm for the next call hence costing you time which is of extreme importance.

Storm Dialer takes you through all such difficult points of call making and lets you focus only on those calls that will bear fruit. Storm Dialer increases your productivity and allows you to contact at least 4 times more leads than does hand dialing.

The storm has been proven to double your chances of success in the real estate business as you will be twice as likely to earn at least $80,000/year as compared to other agents who don’t use REDX and Storm.

Additional Information You May Know About REDX

REDX is a very productive real estate lead generation software that not only helps you look for leads but also trains you to land them as clients.

You can take lead data and export it to use for external systems as well. In case there are any issues, their customer service is there to guide you through them.

However, it requires you to spend some part of your day at a desk to call different leads and won’t prove to be productive otherwise.

Another issue that is faced by users is that the data can be limited, which is often not a huge issue when calling the sellers due to the limited time available for each call.

Also, the numbers and contact information that Vortex pulls are not always the most recent or correct ones. This usually occurs in the case of expired leads where the phone numbers extracted by Vortex turn out to be too old and not in use anymore.

Final Verdict?

REDX reviews by various real estate agents have been in their favor. The software, although it has some downsides, yet helps you generate hard to get leads.

If you use your time correctly, REDX can help you make some extra grand a year depending on the property value and the commission percentage. All in all, it provides a good return on investment.

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