5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Table of Contents

If you have ever read a big book, long blog, or massive report, then you might have noticed that the writer provided you with a table that has a list of subtitles written inside of it.

With a physical book or a report, you might see a list having names and page numbers there to let you know where everything is inside of it.

If you are looking online, then the table will provide you with names, and you will be directed to that heading if you click on it. 

Why You Should Create a Table of Contents:

That table is called the table of contents, and it needs to be included in everything that consists of over four to five pages.

Especially if there are plenty of headings. Now to address the question of why you should create an interactive table of contents, let’s get right into the reasons. 

Easy To Navigate

Nowadays, there are two types of books: a physical book and an e-book. 

With a physical book, you list every major heading and also include the minor titles along with their respective page numbers. All of this allows you and your readers to navigate the books quite easily.

The same thing would go for an e-book if it’s downloadable or viewed in PDF form. With a blog or online content, the table includes links to the headings instead of page numbers to allow easy navigation.

Makes a Good Impression

When you create the perfect table of contents for your material, then you will be making it seem much more professional.

That can have a great first impression on readers unfamiliar with your work, as it shows that you know what you are doing. 

That’s why you should learn how to create a table of contents on SodaPDF.

Allows You to Arrange Your Material:

When you are planning on writing tens or hundreds of pages about a particular topic, then you will need a map or a method to organize everything.

If you don’t map out your book or material in advance, then you might have a hard time writing everything down. 

A good table of contents will help you plan your material and properly write it down. 

Makes the Material Easy To Discuss:

If you have been writing a report or a document for work, then it might need to be discussed.

Have you ever attended a work conference where everyone was given a copy of a document, and it didn’t have a table of contents? It’s highly unlikely that ever happened unless the document was created by an amateur.

People Judge Your Book by the Table of Contents

If you are writing the material to sell online or work with a publisher to distribute in stores, then your book will be judged by its table of contents. 

Most people now understand that they shouldn’t judge any book by its cover. That’s why they open up the book and check out what’s inside by looking at the table of contents. Then they decide if it’s worth their time or not. 

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