What is the Use of Waiver?

Business owners face different risks on a regular basis. A waiver form should be prepared when working with clients, especially before certain events. A waiver form releases the company from liability if the customer is injured and hurt. Online waiver software can be used for this purpose.

A waiver form is a type of legal protection that is mostly used by businesses to reduce liability and risk. Such an agreement is created between the company and its clients. It is a confirmation that both parties are aware of the risks involved. 

A company’s liability guarantee is created using a waiver form. In most cases, the client must sign the form so that cooperation will not cause legal hassle. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the business will be protected from bearing full liability. 

Waiver of Liability: Purpose

A waiver form is drafted and executed in order to avoid possible lawsuits that may arise as a consequence of injury or damage during the event being held, a service being provided, or products being used by customers. Clients can sign a waiver to refuse exercising their right for getting compensation from the company and settling the dispute in pre-trial order or filing a lawsuit. 

Let us say, a customer participates in a race and an accident happens. Having signed the waiver in advance, the client confirmed that he is aware of all the risks and agrees to them. Furthermore, he does not have any claims against the company. Entering into such a contract should be voluntary. Companies can use different tools for this purpose. 

Waiver forms are mostly used by businesses that offer activities and services associated with different risks. These forms are used in different industries, such as:

  • sports (including extreme sports);
  • adventure activities;
  • medicine;
  • cosmetology services.

When a business involves activities that are associated with injury and risk, you need to generate a waiver form for customers to sign. This way you can protect the business from possible consequences in case of injury or damage to the customer.  More information.

Google Forms of Waivers

You can use free online waiver forms, including Google Forms. Using an online form is very easy and it’s good for business. They are not difficult to generate and can be sent electronically to clients. This way you can make sure that all customers have signed the waiver before participating in the event, using the product or service. This way the company can easily track who signed the waiver form and when. 

If you need to create a more complex waiver form, you can use different software tools, for instance, Digital Clipboard and PandaDoc. This way you can set up document management and automate workflows.  

Generating Waiver Form

Before you generate a waiver of liability, it is essential to understand its importance. There are several key points to consider in this process. The required information includes:

  • company name;
  • detailed information and the title of the event or product/service;
  • a waiver statement;
  • signature of both parties.

The name of the company and the event are usually listed at the top of the form. This way customers can easily identify who they are working with. In addition to the name of the company, other data should be included, such as:

  • address;
  • contact information;
  • logo.

Please make sure that the event address, time, date, or descriptions of the service/product are correct. 

Associated Risks

When drafting the waiver form, it is important to check for any possible risks that are associated with participation in the event. Clients need to understand what they are agreeing to and what risks they may face. Let’s look at an example of the different risks that can be included in a waiver:

  • physical trauma;
  • emotional stress;
  • illness;
  • material damage.

Loss of life may also be indicated. 

Waiver of Liability Statement

Proper wording is very important in the waiver of liability form. It is essential to describe each item correctly so that the client clearly understands that he or she is signing the waiver form. The client should provide personal information on the waiver of liability and sign it. Companies use different types of waiver software to facilitate the process. As a rule, documents are created electronically and can be signed the same way. 

Electronic signatures are used with the relevant software. Different software tools can be used to make sure that everyone has signed the waiver form. Companies create these documents to protect their business from liability. The form includes all the key elements. In this way, you can get assurances of successful and safe events. 

Google forms are also suitable for creating a waiver form. If you need more complex forms, then you will need to use a digital liability waiver. The software is great for automating your workflow. As a rule, the software has the necessary features and tools, including:

  • customization and creation of templates;
  • the possibility to add necessary elements;
  • electronic signatures;
  • workflow automation;
  • creation and generation of reports. 

These are the basic functions but there are many other features as well. Use the best software to optimize your workflow and protect your business. 


A waiver form is a legal document that is very important in protecting your business. It can be used to avoid lawsuits in case of accidents. With such details in mind, it is important to take care of the proper waiver provision. Take all aspects into consideration to properly draft your contract with your client.