PC vs. Console Gaming, which is better?

The ultimate argument that every gamer has once taken part in at some sort of social gathering. Why is this argument so prominent in this day and age when multiple gamers play across multiple platforms?

To truly understand this decades-long argument better, there are some factors that we have compiled to distinguish what makes one better from the other. 


There will be people from both sides of the fence saying that playing the game on either sort of machine is better than the other. Let’s take, for example, Fortnite. Some gamers play the game both on console and PC and are amazing at it. Shooter games like Fortnite and Call of duty do indeed offer aim assist to players, but this is to counter the vast advantage that PC players have for using a mouse that has a lot more range in movement when you have to aim.

Although both types of machines have their own quirks at playing the game, there are 3 billion gamers in the world who play across multiple platforms, including mobile devices, and half of those people are PC gamers, so it is safe to say that when it comes to playability, PC is the more popular choice. 


Graphically, a PC offers a higher advantage to gamers as there are numerous upgrade options available for them. However, the new generation of Consoles has proven that they are upgrading their game in the graphics department. Playstation 5’s pre-release video showed some insane physics and visuals that will be implemented in all the next-generation games.


Both the top contenders in the console world, Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation, have exclusive titles that have been revered in the gaming industry. Franchises such as Uncharted, Halo, God of War, and The Last of Us have not only proven to be some of the best single-player experiences, but Halo is the title that can be said to have evolved the multiplayer first-person genre in console gaming.


Consoles deserve much of the credit for bringing gaming into the mainstream. A machine that was specifically standard-built for gaming became the ultimate entertainment system in the world. The best thing was that it was much more affordable than having to build a PC.

These days as crypto-currency mining has become one of the biggest businesses in the world, the prices of GPUs and computer hardware has sky-rocketed to the point where people cannot afford to make a pc for themselves. This is where Consoles step in as saviors and let you enjoy gaming in this hiked price era.

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