Most Important Things to Look for When Purchasing a Gaming Laptop

In difference with PC gaming, users who play on laptops have the ability to transport gameplay to different locations with ease

Nowadays, PC users are taking over the gaming scene, giving console players a run for their money. However, even enthusiastic desktop gamers are beginning to search for devices that are more portable than hefty PCs that cannot be easily moved from one place to another.

Although mobile gaming offers a great solution, the fact that screen size is minimized dramatically often deters users who enjoy bright graphics and great resolution whilst gaming. Therefore, the gaming laptop is a perfect option. But, in order to get the most bang for your buck, some specific considerations will have to be made. In this article we point out a few vital things to look for on your way to purchasing the best gaming laptop for your needs.  

#1-Performance: Storage, CPU, and RAM  

Firstly, a laptop with a strong performance system is key. In the internal workings of your device, CPU and GPU will work together to deliver a supreme gaming experience. However, the thing you need to determine is which model you need specifically. This decision can often be made when considering the type of gamer you are.

For example, mainstream gamers may opt for a mid-range GPU that allows users to engage in most titles and activities with clarity. However, frequent or professional gamers may choose the most powerful GPUs with the highest settings. The same goes for CPU when considering things like storage size and speed. Often times, 16BG of RAM is enough for the average gaming laptop, but fortunately aspects such as storage and memory can be upgraded later by the user if desirable.

#2- Display: Graphics, Screen Size, and Refresh Rate

As stated previously, users commonly find that graphics are one of the most important features of any gaming device. Displays that are 1920 x 1080 in resolution are ideal for gamers as anything less may see games a bit blurry, dull, or out of focus. A great resolution is key for playing all types of titles, but especially those where bright images and symbols are a big part of gameplay, as is the case with video slots and RPGs (role-playing games).

For example, one of the main reasons for the explosive popularity surrounding video slots are their high-definition graphics which keep users entertained by inviting them into different themed worlds of vibrant color and lively characters on the spinning wheels. In the same way, today’s RPGs would not be the same without the immersive and breathtaking graphics which have heavily evolved the overall role-playing gaming experience. So, with that being said, it’s important to consider what games you enjoy playing the most, and that in turn will help narrow down how much attention needs to be put into resolution quality.

As for screen size, this feature is also more of a personal decision as one gamer may prefer a 15 inch to an 18 inch, or even a 14 inch and so on depending on the activities they frequent. When it comes to refresh rate on gaming laptops, anything between 120Hz and 144Hz is recommended.

For frequent gamers, a laptop’s keyboard is also an extremely important aspect to consider

#3- Keyboard: Key Travel, Actuation, Anti-ghosting and more

Although it may be easy to do so in light of other important specs, a laptop’s keyboard quality should not be overlooked when deciding on a device. Actuation refers to the force a user needs to exert when applying a finger to the key, and even though this is a small detail, it comes into play a lot whilst gaming.

Additionally, prospective buyers should consider something called anti-ghosting which is the ability for the keys to register several actions that are performed at the same time. This is especially important in fighting games or first-person shooter titles where rapid key pressing is necessary. In this regard, it may also be useful to invest in a gaming mouse with excellent tracking and durability.

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