6 SEO Trends Every Beginner Blogger Should Know About:

To build a pretty website is only the beginning of a blogger’s work. Next, they need to figure out how to create content to match and, most importantly, make sure that the website is searchable. When it comes to content, most bloggers manage to get the job done. Some use the time-tested strategy of ‘please write a paper for me’ and turn to a professional. Others learn how to create content on their own.

Making the website searchable is what most beginner bloggers struggle with the most. Getting one’s website to the top of search results requires at least a basic knowledge of SEO strategies. It does not help that SEO trends change faster than content creators learn about them. Luckily, here are some of the most current ones.

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#1 Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are the metrics that, according to Google, make or break the user experience. They are loading, interactivity, and visual stability. If these seem a little repetitive, that is because they are. Simply put, the three vitals measure how quickly and reliably a page loads. 

Everyone can recall an unpleasant experience (or ten) of having to wait forever for something to finally appear on the screen. Well, the almighty Google is trying to make sure this does not happen so often, if ever.

After introducing Core Web Vitals to the industry about a year ago, Google announced that they would soon become one of the key ranking factors. Soon has arrived. Starting from next month, a website’s place in search results will depend on its loading, interactivity, and visual stability. Obviously, other things, like content relevance, will still matter.

#2 Video Marketing

This one matters mostly to bloggers who double as YouTubers or just enjoy posting video content on their blog. Want to make your videos appear on the top of the search results page? – Check out these helpful tips:

  • Use a decent and popular hosting platform, ideally, YouTube. Vimeo will do too, but it should be your second choice. Try to avoid the rest.
  • Optimize the title and description of the video. Do not neglect keywords research.
  • If your channel has a narrow theme, embed your best video. Google almost never shows more than one video from the same channel.
  • Invest in an intriguing – but not clickbait-ythumbnail. It is the most effective hook.
  • If the platform allows this, add a transcript. This is good from the SEO perspective but, more importantly, makes your content more inclusive.

If none of these work (which does happen sometimes), consider promoting your video on social media.

#3 Voice Search

Voice search is getting more popular by the day. About one-third of people use it regularly, and the number is projected to grow. After all, who wants to speed-type ‘paper writer on WritePaper’ in the search bar when they can use their voice for a more detailed and specific query?

Besides, voice search is very convenient on the go. Seeing as the pace of life keeps getting faster, it is a great tool to save time and effort. It is also much safer to use voice search while walking down the busy street.

When trying to optimize a website for voice search, keep the specifics of voice search queries in mind. As they tend to be longer, the best strategy is to prioritize long-tail keywords. They also have to reflect the way people speak – the more conversational and natural, the better.

#4 Influencer SEO

Yes, influencers have more to do with SMM, but they can help with SEO as well. In particular, influencers are irreplaceable for social media traffic and link building. Good backlinks can quickly move a website to the top of search results. Use influencers to supply you with some.

One thing to remember, though, is that not all influencers are equally helpful. First, choose someone who has the same audience as the one you are targeting. Then make sure that they have both high-quality content and excellent follower engagement rates. Otherwise, there is no point in forming partnerships.

#5 E.A.T.

E.A.T. is a standard that websites have to meet for them to appear as top search results. The acronym stands for three crucial characteristics: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

E.A.T. is a quality control system of sorts: Google wants your website to be top-notch, both content- and communication-wise. This means that if the website is dedicated to helping students writepaper, it cannot be full of vague descriptions of how complicated student life is. Stay on point.

The same is true for delivery. AI- and machine learning-fueled technology is smart enough to understand how engaging and easy-to-understand the text on the website is. The better the scores, the closer it is to the top of search results.

#6 Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is somewhat related to Core Web Vitals.

Everyone who uses Google on both their laptop and cellphone knows that search results for the exact same query are often very different depending on the device. This is not a simple flaw in the system. Google has a good reason to rearrange the order of search results for mobile searches. Only the websites that show well on cellphones get to the top.

A rare person uses Google on their computer more often than on a mobile device. As a result, many websites fail to reach their audience simply because the content’s format is ill-suited for a cellphone. To the great pleasure of all bloggers and SEO professionals, Google has developed a Mobile-Friendly Test. It evaluates how accessible a website is for a cellphone and suggests relevant improvements.

Final Thoughts

SEO trends keep changing, but it is still possible to keep up. The most recent among them include Core Web Vitals, video marketing, voice search, influencer SEO, E.A.T., and mobile SEO. Ideally, any blogger needs to have at least some idea of each of those if they want their website to be searchable. As a basic quality control mechanism, E.A.T. is a great place to start.

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