Games Like Honey Select That You Might Want To Check Out In 2022

Honey Select stands out in this list and therefore users who couldn’t get to it have been in search of games like honey select that they can try out.

Erotic games have become a big deal nowadays for people who have been searching for pure entertainment.

Games Like Honey Select – Everything You Need To Know

Honey Select has successfully gathered a huge fan base considering the range of features is that it offers and how easy it is to get the hang of how it is played.

Users have loved it for the detailed graphics and erotic scenes that you will find nowhere else.

Although it is difficult to find the degree of character creation and celebrity looks that this game offers, users have still been looking for Honey Select alternatives that offer the same extent of pleasure and fun.

Another reason why some gamers have become interested in looking for similar gamers (but not this one!) is that they want to explore gameplay that offers some story besides just sexual content and erotic activities.

  • Unfortunately, Honey Select has been good at doing just that.

Top 6 Games Like Honey Select You Should Check Out

Honey Select 2

What would be a better alternative for Honey Select than its own newer version? If you want to try out something new but at the same time something that you are familiar with then you should look into Honey Select 2.

  • This game has been recently released with certain improvements to graphics and illusions and the older version presented.

Furthermore, it features all the great mechanics, popular events, erotic scenes, and the ability to create your own characters along with many other additions as well.

Most users view it as a handy upgrade to Honey Select 1. You can play it out in pretty much the same way but at the same time enjoy many different features.

  • Luckily, there is more customization available as well which makes it even more interesting.

Although this one is a sequel, it isn’t similar to Honey Select when it comes to gameplay and storyline.

If you have tried Honey Select 1 and liked it then you are definitely going to love this one. 

Artificial Academy

Although this is an old game, it has been very popular among lovers of erotic gameplay.

There is no objective that you need to complete so however you want to enjoy this game is completely up to you.

The mechanics or the graphics are not as great as Honey Select but it is still something especially if you consider the variety of intimate scenes and locations that the game hosts.

The play is easy to follow and you have full liberty in how you want to customize characters or how you wish for the scene to unfold.

Real Kanojo

With strong illusions and gameplay much similar to Honey Select, Real Kanojo is a reliable alternative to Honey Select.

The game features a large collection of characters that you can choose and interact with. Most of these are attractive, sexy women with different looks and personalities.

Once you choose the character, the game will begin with them asking you a specific question in the main mode. The gameplay that follows will depend on how you reply to this question and how you build your relationship with them.

Nonetheless, all conversations will lead to stronger, intimate interaction with them and erotic action as well. The best part? You will have full control over how you play this out.

Although it looks quite different on the surface, you can notice some similarities with Honey Select as well.

For example, the visuals are similar and certain mechanics are duplicates as well. Luckily, the user interface is easier to learn.

So if you want a good alternative with a bit of twist, then Real Kanojo is one of the best ones out there.

Al Shoujo

Another popular choice is Al Shoujo which was launched by Eroge video game developer illusion. This one is quite different from Honey Select 1 although you would be able to use certain gameplay in the same manner.

Erotic gamers would love how Al Shoujo uses virtual reality to take them away from their boring weekend in the house to an erotic beach full of women ready to share their experiences with you.

  • You can make use of character customization, change their appearances to your liking, and alter the outfits as well.

Many players have pointed out that the degree of customization that Al Shoujo presents is nothing close to Honey Select.

However, you will still be able to find some entertainment there which is better than many other options.

  • A catchy feature is that it hosts beautiful sceneries and a small story so you can focus on the play without worrying about anything else.

Since there is no mission line to follow, nothing can go wrong with what you are doing!

Kokiatsu Party

This project stands out from the rest with its realistic 3D graphics and additional features that most other alternatives were missing out on.

However, at the same time, the game retains the cute anime effects of the play which many players find attractive.

  • You can also use the character builder to design characters according to your liking.

Furthermore, it allows you to use real images in order to create an interpretation of how they would like to look a game character.

Other than that, most of the features in Kokiatsu Party were similar to Honey Select.

Sexy Beach Zero

When looking for games that can be played instead of Honey Select, you will find Sexy Beach Zero to be one of the ambitious and popular options.

It was released almost 10 years back but still holds quite an important position in the player’s hearts.

Sexy Beach Zero lets you choose from 5 main characters and then complete certain missions to build your bond with them.

These include entertaining activities such as taking them out on a date, getting them gifts, having meaningful conversations with them, and as they slowly start to get attracted to you.

  • This foreplay would finally lead to an erotic part of the game much like Honey Select. Some of the features and visuals here are very similar to its competitor game.

Final Thoughts – Games Like Honey Select

  • Undoubtedly, Honey Select is one of the most popular erotic games that you will find. In fact, it has stood out in this category for more than 5 years now!

Honey Select is different from competitive games as it does not require you to build a relationship or follow a storyline. However, people who want to experience this as well should be happy to know that there are some really good alternatives that we have talked about above.

So if you liked playing Honey Select, don’t forget to try these out! We will be looking forward to hearing your reviews.

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