Yard Design Trends 2022

Against the backdrop of the dynamic life of megacities, an increasing number of urban residents are striving to purchase a country house, with its further use not only as permanent housing, but also as a summer residence or a comfortable place to relax during a vacation or a long weekend. Comfortable pastime, in this case, largely depends on the arrangement, and specifically on the interior of the various zones in which you have to spend time. Therefore, today we offer you to get acquainted with trendy ideas for your yard in 2022.

Organization of the Space 

Outdoor kitchens were a hot topic a few years ago, but they haven’t caught on quite as well as cozy, enclosed seating areas. Because many of us are moving to a hybrid or entirely remote work style, the garden/patio/balcony/terrace is now a multipurpose environment, typically featuring an office work area. Feelings can be easily achieved both indoors and outdoors with the appropriate combination of decorations and furnishings. Seating, comfortable sun loungers, benches, and plenty of natural beauty make your outdoor space a popular gathering spot for the entire family. Your yard will be transformed into the ideal space for both relaxing and working with outdoor furniture. A variety of outdoor furniture impresses with its high quality, durability and, of course, appearance. For example, sofas, armchairs, tables or garden bench Dubai suppliers provide in accordance with the latest trends in this design direction, specifically eco style and minimalism. 

Stylistic directions popular in 2022

Eco style, as reflected in excellent quality and, as a result, a long service life, natural or recycled materials, and sustainable production will likely become the major trend in 2022, and will undoubtedly remain the most important factors to consider when purchasing furniture. 

Minimalism appeals to those who enjoy muted hues, clean lines, and basic compositions. A sophisticated courtyard with a green lawn is also a terrific alternative for barbeque lovers: it’s a great area for family dinners and outdoor gatherings with friends.

Due to its great quality, teak furniture is still in high demand. Furthermore, unlike other types of wood, the material used to make these decorations will remain longer. Garden furniture does not flex as a result of this. 

The Mediterranean style primarily evokes associations with the snow-white cities of Greece and cozy Italian courtyards. To recreate the atmosphere of a beach holiday in your garden, stick to a marine color palette. When choosing plants, opt for mountain pine, citrus trees, and herbs such as rosemary, mint, and sage.

Maximum naturalness

The desire to preserve the natural beauty as much as possible, the lack of the need to spend a lot of time on care and improvement – these are the main directions that are relevant for the organization of the adjoining space.

Neat alpine hills, lawns and flower beds with geometrically adjusted plantings, trimmed as if by a ruler, hedges are becoming a thing of the past. The modern garden looks as if the plants and flowers exist here on their own, not subject to the arbitrariness of the gardener.

If your site is located on a slope, consider that you are in a trend. Irregularities, hills, ravines – everything that was previously sought to be leveled is now considered a virtue. And the owners of flat plots are ready to carry out complex earthworks, creating uneven terrain artificially. 

Outdoor fireplaces

This is not about barbecues, even stationary ones, not about an organized fire pit, but about a full-fledged fireplace made of brick or stone.

They are installed on open verandas and attics on the outside of the house, as well as in open areas, and around they organize a space for relaxation in a family or friendly circle. It can be a table, comfortable benches, a working area for cooking. Be sure to provide evening lighting and protection from possible rain.

Weather protection

Residents of private houses use the terrace not only for relaxation, but also as a working area. Outdoor-site shelters from rain and scorching sun, adapt to climate change.

Some companies offer customers retractable blinds for shading. The slats are installed on the roof of the patio and are remotely adjusted depending on the weather. Blinds are equipped with LEDs and windscreens.

All-season garden decoration

Outside of the peak spring/summer flowering season, gardens can appear lovely and interesting. Consistent decorativeness will never go out of style, and it’s more necessary than ever with the increased focus on outdoor living.

A good evergreen structure is essential for a garden’s success. Plants that bring color, movement, and dynamics throughout the year can be interspersed among conifers. More herbs, interesting mulches, and shrubs with bright bark will help make autumn and winter garden landscapes expressive.

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