Four Easy Ways To Fix Discord Keeps Restarting!

Another common error that keeps coming up is discord keeps restarting and users often look for ways to solve it.

  • Discord has provided gamers with a fantastic way to communicate with one another.

The majority of Discord’s services are free. You can only enter about 100 different servers in Discord before you hit the cap.

What’s more, you have the choice of creating your own servers. You can build and run as many servers as you want. You may also appoint other players to act as moderators on your server.

Bots can be a fantastic addition to your Discord server. You may use them to perform a variety of activities, depending on the bot’s capabilities.

In a voice channel, a bot is commonly used to scan for and play different songs. But, users have reported facing various errors such as discord screen no audio, discord spell check, etc.

How Do I Stop Discord Keeps Restarting?

You may have found that if you attempt to access a server, Discord restarts. You were unable to connect to the server even after several minutes.

  • This is a fairly common problem in the Discord culture called discord keeps restarting.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent Discord from restarting untimely.

You can quickly resolve the problem discord keeps restarting by using these simple troubleshooting techniques!

1-Delete the Cache Files To See If That Helps

The first thing you can do TO FIX  discord that keeps restarting is looked for and uninstall the cache files in Discord. Simply perform a Windows scan to locate these cache files.

To get started, press Windows + E on your keyboard. After that carefully type ” %AppData % Discord” into the search box. Remove the cache as well as the Local Storage folder.

2-Discord’s Process Can Be Stopped Using Task Manager

Try closing Discord completely and then reopening it through your Task Manager. Simply click CTRL + Alt + Delete on your keyboard to access the Task Manager.

When you choose Task Manager, it will launch on your device.

In Task Manager, you’ll see a variety of procedures. Right-click on Discord in the Task Manager to open it. Discord’s method should be terminated if you click End Task. Run

Discord once more to see if the issue still exists. You can also see if using Discord in your browser solves the issue discord keeps restarting.

3-Change The Server’s Region

On Discord, there is sometimes a region-specific problem. If the server is set to that region at that period, no one will be able to join the server properly.

As a consequence, before anyone can enter, the server’s region must be updated. (link discord refresh)

Regrettably, only the server owner, administrator, and moderators are permitted to do so.

If you’re trying to join your own server, go to Server Settings > Overview > Server Region by right-clicking on the icon. Switch to a different server.

If you don’t own the server, simply ask the user, any admin, or any mod to adjust the region for you.

4-Enable Legacy Mode And Disable Hardware Acceleration

Last but not least, to solve discord keeps restarting you can disable hardware acceleration in Discord. We recommend that you allow legacy mode as well.

Go to Settings > Appearance> Disable hardware acceleration to switch off hardware acceleration. Go to Settings > Voice & Video > Audio Subsystem > Legacy to enable Legacy Mode.

Associated Issues Regarding Discord Keeps Restarting

The Discord software causes you problems such as discord keeps restarting in a variety of cases.

The solutions to some of the problems encountered with this Discord application are mentioned below:

If Discord keeps crashing on startup

You can resolve the issue by shutting down any background programs that are currently running on your computer. You can also fix it by restarting your computer and downloading the new Discord update.

If Discord keeps crashing on your phone

Make sure your Android or iOS device meets the minimum system specifications. The crashing problem can be resolved by modifying the program. Uninstall and reinstall the software on your computer if the issue persists.

IOS Discord Keeps Crashing

Restart your iOS computer whenever you see this Discord Keeps Crashing problem. You may also go over all of the troubleshooting methods mentioned in the sections below.

Discord Keeps Restarting At Random

Disable hardware acceleration in the Discord app to ensure that it runs smoothly. At the same time, you can fix it by activating the app’s Legacy Mode.

Discord and unexpected crashes

The methods addressed in this post will assist you in resolving the Discord Crashes Unexpectedly problem. Disabling compatibility mode, downloading the new Discord updates, and so on are some of them.

Unable to update discord

If your Discord software isn’t updating, try running it with administrator privileges and updating it. If you can’t upgrade it, turn off your computer’s antivirus program. Finally, uninstalling and reinstalling it should solve the issue.

Final Thoughts

You should be able to successfully resolve the discord keeps restarting problem by following these four measures.

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