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What’s the Difference Between Broadband and Wifi?

Most of us use the internet every day, but many people are unsure about the difference between Wifi and broadband. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to understand the difference with a little research. 

Wifi is the wireless connection between your devices and modem/router. On the other hand, broadband is the wired connection between the internet provider and your household or office. Broadband is responsible for sending and receiving data from and to your devices.

There are several ways to connect to the world through the internet. You can use a wireless connection/Wifi, or you can use a wired connection. Mobile data is also a viable option, especially if Wifi is not available. 

How Does Broadband Work?

Broadband networks can be cabled or wireless. The modem uses a special copper wire, just like phone wires. These cables are used for wired internet. The use of fiber optics is also very common these days. 

On the other hand, 4G, LTE, 5G, and satellite are wireless broadband connections. The internet speed, range, efficiency, and frequencies vary from connection to connection. If you are selecting between these connections, you need to analyze your consumption and budget. Also, check out the best broadband deals to make an informed decision. 

Broadband is the internet connectivity between your area, building, or home to the internet provider. This connectivity is provided by signing up with a broadband provider. This then enables your devices to connect to the outside world.

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Many people will remember the dial-up connections used in years gone by. It was not as easy to use this type of connection and could become very frustrating. The user had to hang up their phone to utilize internet services and then had to wait to get a connection. However, this is not the case today as people can use their landline phones and the internet at the same time.

What Is Wifi? 

In order to understand how Wifi works, we also need to know what exactly the word Wifi means. Wifi or wireless fidelity is an internet connection technology that utilizes radio wave frequencies to relay information back and forth at high speeds. 

The name was first used by a marketing company. They had to choose a user-friendly and easy name because the technology was getting more and more public attention. Wifi actually refers to a trademark known as IEEE 802.11, which is not easy to remember.

How Does Wifi Work?

Wifi is probably the most useful invention of the modern era. It enables high-speed internet connections without the use of wires. Wifi services require a modem, radio signals, and an antenna. 

Internet speed with wifi is slower than wired internet, but it is a lot easier to use than cable networks. Wifi utilizes radio waves to get the data from another wireless modem to access connection with the assistance of other devices like smartphones, computers, TVs, and more. 

There is also the use of AP or Access points involved with some other devices to get the wireless connection. The purpose of the access point is to carry the bandwidth coming to a router and then provide network connectivity to any device that needs it.

Wireless vs Wired Connection

It is also important to understand the difference between a cabled or wired network and a wireless network or Wifi. If you have a modem, then you can have both Wifi and wired cable connections.

The difference is quite self-explanatory. If you connect your devices to the modem through a wire then it’s a cabled network that provides higher speeds. Wifi is a wireless network that you can use from anywhere in the house.

For a PC or television, it is better to connect them to a wired network because you do not move around with these devices. Also, if you are an avid fan of gaming, you need high internet speed.

On the other hand, for your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, a wireless network will work better. It is easy to use without the problem of wires. Many people use both types of internet connection depending on the type of device and their needs. 

You can check out the best broadband provider options easily by comparing providers online. This makes it easier to find a provider that offers affordable plans and a service that experiences minimal issues, such as regular internet blackouts.

Putting it All Together

It is easy to understand the difference between Wifi and broadband. One is the wireless connection between your laptop and the modem; the other is the wired connection between your device to the outside world.

There are different types of internet connection options, like wireless, cabled, and mobile data. You can choose the right one for you once you have figured out your connection needs, budget, and other aspects.

To find the best and most affordable broadband packages, you can always contact your ISP or just search and compare online.

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