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Severe Rusting of The Car Body: 5 Main Reasons:

The appearance of rust on the car body is a real problem of modern transport. If the body parts of your car are affected by corrosion, you need to take the most prompt action, otherwise, the rudiments of rust can quickly develop into through holes. In this case, you will need expensive repairs. If you don’t want to look for ways to get cash for junk cars in Dallas or elsewhere, you should know what causes rust. Let’s look into this issue.

The Main Causes of Rust On The Car Body

Manufacturers save on body parts, as the trend of car production continues to expand for a maximum of 7 years. Body elements withstand approximately this period. After the end of this period, you have to actively work on preserving the body. In many budget cars, these works need to be done much earlier. So today we are not going to discuss ways to deal with corrosion that has already appeared. We will talk about the possible causes of its occurrence. This will make it possible to take action in advance and prevent problems with the body.

Too Thin Body Metal

The first reason for the corrosive effect lies in the fact that manufacturers are actively saving on car production. One of the main methods of saving metal is the manufacture of thinner and lighter body parts. Manufacturers tout this as a technological achievement, such as “the crossover weighs less than a ton.” But in reality, this has a very bad effect on the life span of the body.

The disadvantages will be the following:

  • thin metal is unusable since corrosion is enough to touch it for the first fatal damage to appear;
  • such metal is deformed much more readily than body elements on cars 15-20 years ago, and during deformation, small cracks appear on the paintwork, into which moisture and condensate flow;
  • at the welding joints, places are formed that are initially subject to increased corrosion; even if it is spot factory welding, many manufacturers do nothing about it on budget cars;
  • on a thin sheet of metal under a high-quality paintwork, you will not see the beginnings of internal corrosion for a long time; you will see them when the holes appear.

These are the troubles that the thin sheet metal of modern cars brings. This is an important point to consider when choosing a car. It is worth paying special attention to anti-corrosion protection and inspecting the body for the timely identification of corrosion foci.

Poor Paint Quality at The Factory

Problems with paintwork have become a hallmark of many car manufacturers. The quality indicates that the car should serve for about 7 years, no more.

With a low quality of protection in the form of paintwork, the following problems are possible:

  • paint chips and exposes metal coatings, which leads to the instant development of corrosion spots, despite claims of galvanized protection of body parts;
  • scratches are not superficial, but always destroy the entire layer of paintwork; therefore, any small scratch can lead to serious destruction of a metal part of the body;
  • damage to the paintwork layer can appear even from minor impacts such as large beetles when driving on the highway; as a result, after 2 years of operation, you will notice serious damage to the car;
  • it is quite difficult to restore this type of paintwork, so the entire part must be repainted during repairs; this is a real problem for the car owner, as well as the risk of further rust development.

Poor Anti-Corrosion Protection At The Factory

Manufacturers have stopped investing in the development of new modern methods of corrosion protection. Coatings have remained old, and galvanizing is applied only to parts potentially dangerous for corrosion. These are thresholds, arches, bottom, and some elements of the supporting structure. But in general, the protection remains of poor quality. Wings, doors, and connection elements rust.

The low quality of factory anticorrosive has several reasons:

  • savings (manufacturers continue to reduce the cost of car production, and galvanized metal is more expensive than usual, post-production anticorrosion is also poorly carried out);
  • irresponsible machine building;
  • decrease in the life of a car (corporations deliberately reduce the life of a car so that buyers return to car dealerships faster for new vehicles);
  • the speed of manufacturing a car (the car is assembled in less than one work shift, during this period it is impossible to complete all the anticorrosive tasks and check everything qualitatively at the enterprise).

Lack of Owner Attention

Car owners do not always pay enough attention to their vehicles. It is enough to notice and eliminate chipped paint in time to remove potential problems in the life of your car. It also reduces the cost of maintaining the vehicle in the future. It is better to remove the troubles in advance than to regret the untimely body repair for a lot of money later.

It is worth considering the following features:

  • chips (these are the worst enemies of a healthy body, which break all protective layers and let moisture under the paint; corrosion can be invisible for a long time, but it is always present);
  • scratches (not only deep damage can bring problems with metal corrosion, but small scratches also completely destroy the integrity of the paintwork and threaten the health of the car);
  • peeling paint (in some vehicles, the paint simply flakes off and allows moisture and condensation to get in right to the metal, causing corrosion).

Poor Repair is The Main Enemy of The Body

Rust develops in repaired areas even faster than before repair if restoration is not carried out correctly.

The most common renovation mistakes:

  • instead of high-quality expensive materials, the contractor uses unreliable means that quickly crack and cause active growth of rust on the metal;
  • erasure of the main factory protection, refusal to use modern means to ensure a long life of the body;
  • the painting was carried out in inappropriate conditions, outdoors, or at low temperatures;
  • when painting, the contractor did not use high-quality primer to protect the body (it is the lack of a primer that most often causes serious unpleasant consequences for the metal).


All that the owner can do to save the car body from premature rust is a careful inspection and operation of the car, as well as high-quality and timely elimination of minor damage. If you own a rusty car that may not even be running, Junk CarsUs will help you quickly make room in your garage for a brand-new car. The company provides services in all US cities with no hidden fees.

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