The Wireless Customer Is Not Available? 3 Most Reliable Ways To Fix This!

If you call someone but your phone shows that “The Wireless Customer Is Not Available” then it is quite upsetting.

In this case generally you have some options like you will try to contact that person again and again or will take help from some common friend etc.

These days everything related to your work, picnic plans, hall’s booking for weddings or to discuss something related to your kid’s progress is done mostly through phones.

Because the term “The Wireless Customer Is Not Available” indicates different situations where you are not able to call the recipient.

Let’s look at some common reasons due to which these options appear and how to fix this problem.

The Wireless Customer Is Not Available – Here’s Why?

In this era of technology and internet we mostly all the time want to get in touch with our friends and family.

Especially this pandemic has changed the life and we have shifted all of our businesses and works to internet and due to which we frequently call and text to different people.

So if we are not able to reach them then it feels like life is incomplete and we are surrounded with problems etc.

There can be different types of issues out there and one of the most disgusting is that when the wireless customer you are calling is not available.

So when you try to contact someone but in response you are getting messages like the receipt is out of coverage, his phone is powered off or he has blocked your number etc.

1. The Power May Be Off

Generally when we try to contact someone either through calls or messages and they are not responding or simply we are getting the message that the dialed user is unable then either his phone is power off, or he has purposely shut down the phone etc.

It mostly happens when the other person either faces the power shortage or intentionally doesn’t want to be in touch with others 24/7.

So when a person switches off or power off his phone then you are no longer able to call or send messages.

So in that case there are different alternative ways through which you can contact them and inform them that you were trying to call them.

For example you can use different types of social media platforms and other Internet services like email, messenger to ask them to switch on their phone again.

2. Recipient Has No Coverage

There are multiple locations even in the well established areas of the world where sometimes the coverage issue also happens.

Mostly this situation occurs when you are traveling to some other area or you are out of the city or you are at a picnic in seaside areas or on a mountain etc.

In that case it is only then possible for you to contact them when they will come back to the area where coverage issues are not much more common than the area where they traveled.

For further confirmation you can contact mobile network operator customer service of your area to check if this surface outage issue is present in your area or in the area of your recipient.

After that they will inform about the situation as well as will also inform when this problem will be sorted.

3. The Other Party Has Blocked You

Another important issue is that if your recipient has blocked your number, then without directly contacting the recipient you cannot get the information from your phone service support system because they have no idea about it. For this the first said him to unblock you.

Secondly it may be possible that you have blocked him or not. For unblocking your recipient, you have to follow different steps both to unblock him from iPhone and through your Android.

Unblock the recipient from your iPhone:

  • If you are an iPhone user then the simple first step will be to open your contact app and for this mostly the phone app is used.
  • Then scroll down and search for the unblock contacts.
  • Further, open that particular blocked contact and click on the option of unblock this caller.
  • At the end select and complete the unblocking option.

Similarly if you are an Android user then to unblock someone you have to:

  • Simply open your phone app and go to the option of More from there.
  • After that go to the setting option from setting jump to the blocked numbers.
  • From here simply select the number you want to unblock, click on it and convert its status from black contact to unblock contact.

Contact Customer Support Team For Help

When you try to call someone and you are assuming that maybe the recipient’s phone is switched off or the recipient is out of coverage or the phone is power off or the receipt blocked you or you have blocked him etc.

But in actuality there may be no reason out of these so instead of thinking about it try the last option that is to call different people or text them to check the cause of the problem.

So if you are getting the same response from everyone that means there is a general issue or system error.

So when you get the actual problem then call the customer service system to inform them about the issue you are facing and ask for help so that they will try to sort out the problem on an urgent basis and you will be able to work properly.

 To Wrap Things Up!

In simple words if a person faces these issues where he is not able to contact a particular number then firstly he should wait because maybe there are some technical issues which will be resolved within a short period of time.

But if you continuously face the same issue for a longer time then definitely you can use the option of contacting the support system and can get help from them where they will troubleshoot all the problems and will notify you that your problem has been resolved.

Wireless Customer Is Not Available – FAQs

What are other unknown reasons due to which it is difficult to contact a person?

Apart from other reasons, sometimes your sim card is also not adjusted properly due to which when you try to call someone, the system cannot proceed with it.

So in that case switch off your phone and take the sim card out of it and again insert it to fix the same issues and to check the phone status.

How does the contact support system resolve the issue of a customer?

Contact support systems try to resolve all of your issues related to the messages or phone calls and also guide you how much time they will take to resolve your issues and troubleshoot all the problems.

When a person is not responding to your calls and messages then what should you do?

If you are trying to call someone but that person is not responding then use the online messaging services and  inform him about your calls and texts.

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