How the Online Gaming Sector has Evolved over the Last Decade:

Games have been an integral part of human culture since times immemorial. From ancient board games and card games to virtual games, how games are played has changed over the years. In a few decades, the industry of online gaming exploded in popularity and became one of the most profitable sectors across the globe. While online gaming was incepted back in the 1970s, it did not become mainstream until the 1990s. 

However, it wasn’t until 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic that online games became a social lifeline. In today’s age of mental health stresses and social distancing, virtual games give people of all ages a relief that is essential and helps them get an outlet for their frustrations and isolation. Even those people who have never picked up a controller before in their life are downloading online games and spending hours engaged in playing those games and connected with online players in real-time. 

Industry insiders believe that the gaming industry will generate more than $196 billion in revenue by 2022, and it will soon become a part of the Olympic games. 

With an estimated 2.2 billion gamers globally, the growth partially comes from mobile gaming. It allows players to indulge in their favorite games on their tablets and smartphones. There are no location constraints and no need to head to any physical game parlors to get your instant gaming fix. You don’t need to throw a house party to create a group playing regular board games or card games. Most of the offline games have penetrated to mobile devices, and some of the most popular ones that you can download and start playing right away are as follows:

  • Baseball 

Baseball is one of the most popular and most-watched sports games in America. The game’s popularity helps baseball rank ahead of soccer. People feel nostalgic watching baseball from the stands, and it is an ongoing debate whether the Yankees or the Red Sox will take the cup away. There’s so much thrill in catching the ball from the stands every time a player hits a home run. 

You can enjoy this thrill without leaving your home because you can download and install online baseball games. These are primarily batting games where you don’t have to worry about pitching and fielding. An AI pitcher is throwing the ball at you, and all you have to do is hit the ball at the right time. While the game is all about tapping, you have to ensure to hit home runs with every tap to beat your opponent. If no home run, hit the 3B, 2B, or 1B board and stay clear of the strike board. 

  • Bingo 

One of the most entertaining games around is bingo. The pandemic has made people wary of attending bingo events, but you can download bingo game and play them on your smartphone. The rules are relatively similar to traditional bingo, and you can understand them easily. The game’s objective is to quickly get five-in-a-row on the card, horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. 

A caller will mix the balls and randomly draw them one by one in the bingo halls. There’s an automatic mixer in online bingo games, and the balls start to appear randomly when the match begins. Players have to daub the numbers of their virtual bingo cards, and each bingo has a daub bonus timer. You must daub the number before the timer runs out. 

  • 8 ball pool

8 ball pool is another popular game that more than 600,000 active players regularly enjoy. The game helps people unwind and relax after having a tough day. If you have played pool before, you know how satisfying it is to hit breathtaking shots and pocket the object balls.

The same excitement and thrill are possible without hitting the pool parlor or game parlor. You can play online 8 ball pool games, and all you need to do is angle the cue stick correctly and adjust the force bar to play your shot. You can even apply top spin or bottom spin in a timely fashion to ensure that the object ball is pocketed. 

While adjusting the angle of the cue stick and determining the force of your strike is easy in online games, the game has its set of challenges. For instance, the game is timed. Players have to pocket all 8 object balls before the timer runs out. Also, if you don’t pocket an object ball, you will lose a life. You will also lose a life if the cue ball is pocketed. After three lives are lost, you’ll lose the game even if the timer is still running. 

  • Basketball 

Basketball is a much-loved sports activity, but not everyone can become as great as Kobe Bryant. Moreover, you may not find the time to head out to the basketball court and play a few rounds with your homies due to your work commitments. The best alternative to staying connected with the game you love so much is playing basketball online. 

Download and install the game on your device, and with a few taps, you can shoot hoops like a pro. There’s no need to dribble or tackle other players, but you must be mindful of the timer. The ball’s position also changes throughout the game to make it challenging to shoot a basket successfully. 

Thanks to online gaming, it is possible to stay connected with your favorite games even if times are tough or you don’t have as much time as before.

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