Why Minecraft F7 Not Working? Three Effortless Ways To Fix!

Minecraft F7 not working is a major hindrance for the players, it an essential function key that will show where the mobs will spawn at night.

You can utilize this feature to place your belongings in a safe place so you can protect yourself from various entities.

There are many functional keys for example; some keys show you where you are in the Minecraft world map when you press them and others are redundant keys that don’t do anything when you press them.

A keyboard has a standard of 12 function keys at the top and they perform various tasks both individually such as the F5 key is used to refresh a page or in combination with another key such as F4 plus Ctrl key closes the window.

  • Depending on the program running on your PC, these keys perform functions accordingly.

Sandbox games, which presents its players with unlimited creativity, such as Minecraft have made full use of these function keys to allow players to use them as a shortcut to a variety of tasks for example equip themselves with weapons and materials, protection, survival, various creative features and many more. 

Minecraft F7 Not Working

Functional keys perform an array of tasks in Minecraft that are crucial to a player’s continuity game.

 To name a few; the F2 key takes a screenshot of the game, the F3 key displays your coordinates along with other information and many more features on the game screen, the F5 key can set your view pattern, etc.

  •  As discussed earlier some keys are redundant, they don’t do anything in Minecraft such as the F4 key 

Pressing the F7 function key shows you where the mobs will spawn at night and attack you. They display X’s on the locations where the mobs will be generated. Using this key, you can smartly place your belongings and get ready for the spawn attack at night.

  • But recently quite a few players have reported that their Minecraft F7 is not working

In this article, we shall look at some of the reasons and ways to fix Minecraft F7 that is not working in three easy ways!

Make Sure Your Keys are not changed

A major reason why your functions keys may not be working correctly might be due to toggling. Togging is an effect of switching functions or states. If they are, then try to disable toggling.

Some systems especially people who use laptops might need to press the F7 key in combination with the other function keys as they have multiple uses.

It is also suggested to press them in combination with other keys such as Ctrl, Alt, and Shift.

Turn F7 Key On From NEI Options

A popular mod for Minecraft Is the NEI option. It stands for Not Enough Items. It is this mod that allows you to see where the mobs will spawn by pressing the F7 key. So first, ensure that you have the mod installed in the game.

  • It is recommended to check all the NEI (Not Enough Items) options. If these are turned off the F7 key won’t operate accordingly.

Make sure all the mods are activated, and nothing external is interfering with your F7 key functionality. Also, consider trying to reboot your game and PC just in case all the above-mentioned hacks don’t work.

Uninstall Mo’ Mod

Mo’ Creatures is also another popular mod for Minecraft. It introduces 58 new mobs to the game, as well as many new animals and monster mobs, with various realistic functions such as the ability to tame and ride some of them.

  • It has been noticed that this specific mod interferes with the NEI option of the F7 key in Minecraft causing Minecraft F7 not to work. 

This is why you need to ensure that this mod is not installed in your game and if it is uninstalled immediately.

Instead, you can try an alternative to Mo’s creature mod, for example, Mob Spawn Highlighter or Custom Mob Spawner Mod. You can choose whichever suits you best

The gist of The Problem

 These were the three easy and effortless ways to fix Minecraft F7 not working. Be sure to properly follow through with these steps to get rid of this error, and by the end, your game should be as good as new!

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