Choosing a Video Editor for Your Needs:

When it comes to choosing the right video editor, it can be a confusing and arduous process. The fact there are so many on the market complicates matters even further, leaving many creatives with choice fatigue. 

But how do you figure out which video editor is the most suitable for your needs? The best way is to break down and compare various key factors that are most important to you and see how different programs measure up. 

This article will examine key factors and compare the stats for some of the top video editing programs available.

Budget and Price:

Obviously, like with any product you are looking to buy, the restraint of money is always a priority factor. By first determining what your budget will be, you will significantly narrow down your choices unless money is no object for you.

When deciding your budget, being realistic is important. As the famous adage proclaims: “you get what you pay for,” so be prepared to lower your expectations in line with lower budgets. Having said that, you should also bear in mind what capabilities are necessary for your projects.

You may be at risk of overspending if you opt for a video editing program with more features than you need or will ever use. If you are looking for a program to simply cut and splice together videos, then you could save yourself some money by checking out this list of the best free video cutters available right now.

Prices for video editing programs can vary drastically, with fully professional products that can range from upwards of $800.

Movavi Video Editor PlusWondershare FilmoraAdobe Premiere ElementsCorel Video Studio
$39.95 for one year sub or $59.95 for a lifetime licenseFrom $9.99/month$69.99 for a lifetime license$123.00 for a lifetime license

Features and Advanced Editing Tools

Depending on the project or just your affinity for pizazz, special effects and editing features at your disposal could prove to be crucial in your decision.

These would include transition effects, graphics, titles, and even background music. Most software will come with some preloaded effects to play with, some will include premium access, and some will be offered at an extra cost. Check out reviews and official websites to thoroughly inform yourself of what is available for your potential purchase.

 Movavi Video Editor PlusWondershare FilmoraAdobe Premiere ElementsCorel Video Studio
MultiCam feature (switch between footage shot from multiple cameras)YesYesNoYes
Object motion trackingYesYesYesYes
Advanced 360° video editingNoNoNoYes
Green screen editingYesYesYesYes
One-click color correction, LUT, color grading, color matchYesYesNoNo
3D LUT supportNoYesNoNo
Premium plug-ins and video effectsBuy separatelyBuy separatelyBuy separatelyBuy separately
Real-time, ready to use background music and audio effectsYesBuy separatelyBuy separatelyBuy separately
Creative video filters/LUTs to choose from and add a cinematic touchYesBuy separatelyBuy separatelyBuy separately
Stock photos and videosYesBuy separatelyBuy separatelyBuy separately
Free effects downloadYesYesYesYes

Simplicity of Interface and Tutorials

The ease of use is an important factor to consider, especially for beginner or intermediate level editors. If you are new to video editing and have little experience with video editing software, then having readily available learning resources would be of interest.

Different programs will have varying levels of difficulty when it comes to the learning curve. One quick but way to determine difficulty would be first impressions from the user interface. It is common to take some time to get the hang of a new program initially, but some programs will have a much more intuitive interface than others.

Complexity would influence your decision based upon your level of motivation and ability to learn how to use the program. Some programs are also designed to be more user-friendly and feature automated editing templates and tools that can apply effects instantly. No skills or manual editing is necessary.

 Movavi Video Editor PlusWondershare FilmoraAdobe Premiere ElementsCorel Video Studio
Learning CenterYesYesYesYes
Embedded TutorialsNoYesYesYes
Auto ModeYesNoNoNo
Product/Express TemplatesYesYesYesYes
Online Courses and WorkshopsYesNoYesNo
Guided projectsYesNoYesNo

Supported Formats

This can be a deciding factor that makes all the difference when choosing a video editor. Even though the majority of video editors offer compatibility with the most popular file formats, there is also an increasingly large number of video recording devices and sources. To ensure you are getting a suitable video editor, you must check if the program supports the file formats you are working with. An amazing video editor is useless to you if you cannot import the video you want to edit.

 Movavi Video Editor PlusWondershare FilmoraAdobe Premiere ElementsCorel Video Studio
Professional Camera VideoYesNoYesYes
4K Video EditingYesYesYesYes
360 Video EditingNoNoNoYes
SVRT (Smart Render)NoNoNoYes
GPU hardware encoding/decodingYesYesYesYes
Multi-GPGPU accelerationNoNoNoNo
For Windows or MacWindows and MacWindows and MacWindows and MacWindows

Speed and Stability of Work

The operational stability of the video editor is extremely vital. This extends from just knowing the minimum system requirements stated by the developers. To truly get a feel of software performance, it is best to test it on the computer on which it is to be used whenever possible. Look for free trials, comprehensive reviews on computers with a similar specification, or try demos in stores.

Video editing is a highly demanding activity that eats up a lot of computational energy. Therefore, the functionality of the software may be unpredictable. If your machine is not quite powerful enough to handle a program, attempting to use it could become a nightmare. The program could be excruciatingly slow, lag or crash during the rendering process. You may even suffer a loss of work.

In general, it is a good idea to have a machine that has more than the recommended minimum requirements, for example, double the RAM stated.

 Movavi Video Editor PlusWondershare FilmoraAdobe Premiere ElementsCorel Video Studio
Operating SystemWindows 7 or higher/ Mac OS X 10.10 or higherWindows 7,8.1,10 64-bit/ Mac OS v10.12 or higher or Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.11Windows 7 or higher 64-bit (Windows 8.2 not supported) / Mac OS 10.14-10.15 or 11Windows 7 or higher 64-bit
RAM2GB/ 256MB4GB, 8GB for HD and 4K/ 8GB, 16GB for HD and 4K8GB, 16GB for HD, 32GB+ for 4K, 4GB for GPU VRAM4GB, 8+GB for UHD or multi cam editing
ProcessorIntel, AMD or compatible dual-core, 1.5GHz / 64-bit Intel Intel i3 or better, 2GHz+ / intel i5or better multi core, 2GHz+Intel 6th Gen or betterIntel Core Duo or i3 or better
Resolution1280 x 7681920 x 10801280 x 8001024 x768

Customer Support

Customer service can be something to consider if any issues were to arise that cannot be resolved from the usual troubleshooting techniques or manuals that do not cover the problem at hand.

Getting hold of a representative directly and quickly for technical support can make a big difference, especially for those working on a strict deadline. Forums, email support, or live chats are a great alternative if developers do not have a call center setup.

 Movavi Video Editor PlusWondershare FilmoraAdobe Premiere ElementsCorel Video Studio
Phone SupportYesNoNoNo
Product FAQsYesYesNoYes
Forum CommunityNoYesYesYes


Choosing a video editor is a matter of personal usage requirements and restrictions unique to the purchaser, such as budget and technological limitations. Hopefully, this breakdown has given you a better idea about how to find your video editing software soulmate!

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