7 Best Routers for College Students

Today, college students can hardly be imagined without the use of technology in learning. They can easily and quickly access all the possible information sources.

All they need to do is to have a connection to the Internet. It becomes possible thanks to routers that ensure Wi-Fi and so access to knowledge. It’s only necessary to find out what routes suit you the best.

Lauren Bradshaw is a famous and talented essay writer, blogger, and researcher from She frequently writes helpful blog posts for students to solve certain issues and become better. She has an interesting opinion about the use of routers by college students.

She said: “If students want to access relevant data, they surely need the Internet, and here the choice of a router steps up. A good router provides students with various types of connection, and so they will never have any problems with access to the data they need.”

Our informative blog post focuses on this vital matter. It highlights the 7 best routers for college students.

Linksys E8450 AX3200

This router supports Wi-Fi 6, has 4 ports, includes 1 WAN and a standard USB port. Its RAM is 512 MB, and the storage is 128 MB.

So, it is enough even for gaming and streaming if a student wants to relax and have some rest. As the speed of connection plays the most crucial role, you should know that it offers from 800mbps in 2.4GHz and 2400mbps in 5GHz.

The model belongs to the category of lightweight routers. Accordingly, it is small, compact, and does not weigh much. It allows connecting up to 25 devices and ensures reliable encryption. The main drawback is the absence of external antennas. The average cost is $150.

TP-Link Archer AX50

This option is suitable for most college students too. The uploading speed ranges from 574mbps to 2402mbps. The router offers:

  • 4 LAN ports;
  • A 3.0 USB port;
  • 1 WAN port;
  • A dual-band;
  • RAM 256 MB;
  • Memory 128 MB;

The price is $130. The router enables 4K streaming and gaming. It weighs little and is sleek. Among the main cons are the lack Ethernet port, which can ensure a higher speed of uploading and a dust magnet.


This option is also suitable for most college students. It provides a speed that ranges from 600mbps to 2400mbps. RAM and storage are also standard and equals to the previous options. You will also enjoy 4 LAN ports, 1 WAN, and a 3.0 USB port. It can support up to 16 various devices.

Its weight is 1.36 lbs. It means the router does not belong to the lightweight category and is not heavy as well. It’s something in the middle, but we are sure it will not induce any problems in the workplace. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

As for the cons, some students complain that the range, which is 1500 Sq Ft, might have been better. The others think that 16 devices will not be enough. However, you may not worry if you do not intend to connect more than 16 devices at the same time. The average price is $142.


This router also has pretty the same features as other routers do. To cut short, it has the same numbers and kinds of ports, RAM, and storage. The cost reaches almost $131. However, it also has vital differences. These are:

  • 2 USB ports – 2.0 and 3.0;
  • The speed ranges between 574mbps and 1201mbps;
  • It allows connecting 25 devices at once.

It can be easily customized according to the user’s needs. It is compatible with Alexa. The only drawback we have found may not be too important for a student. The router is not wall-mountable.

D-Link DIR-LX1870

If you buy this router model, you will surely like the simplicity of the options it provides. A user can easily install and customize the router. It has many similar features, and you know them due to the models listed above. For example, it is dual-band. Therefore, we propose to focus on the main differences. They are as follows:

  • 4 Gig LAN;
  • 1 Gig WAN;
  • The speed of connection starts from 574mbps and reaches 1201mbps;
  • The range reaches 3000 Sq Ft;
  • The weight is only 0.90lbs.

It’s a diminutive lightweight router, which is very simple to install and use. It costs $120. We want to mention one more crucial difference. The model has no USB port. Accordingly, you cannot share the Internet connection in your home network. Therefore, some students may not like the idea of buying this router. Otherwise, it’s a perfect option.

Netgear Nighthawk R7350

You should also pay attention to this router. It has many similarities to most routers on our list. Pay attention to the next features:

  • The range is 2500 Sq Ft;
  • The speed is 600mbps + 1733mbps;
  • The weight is 165lbs;
  • Can support up to 20 devices.

The common cost is $125.50. The only drawback is its Wi-Fi connection, which is the 5th version, while others have a Wi-Fi 6 connection.

D-Link DIR-2640-US

The seventh variant for college students costs about $130. It has 4 LAN, 1 WAN, and 2 USB ports. The speed varies between 800mbps and 1733mbps. Its range reaches 1800+ Sq Ft. It is also dual-band and has the standard RAM and storage. It can support 15 devices. Of course, the main drawback is the shortness of its range.

Summing Up

Keep in mind the options we have provided in our blog post. Every router is beneficial for college students, and you should simply compare all the possibilities and match them with your list of expectations. Of course, you are free to look for similar options as well. Perhaps you need other functions or improvements. Therefore, spend some time defining the most suitable router model to easily access the data you need to complete your academic tasks flawlessly.

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