Why is My Toilet Leaking at the Base?

Water leakages around your toilet can quickly turn messy. Particularly, if you find water pooling around the base of your toilet, you need to hire a professional company for plumbing immediately. The last thing you would want to do is to get yourself into the stinking water by trying to clean it manually. With professional plumbing services available, you can get out of the woods in a quick time.

A leak at the base of the toilet calls for professional hands to fix it. In the first place, make sure not to use the toilet until the experts have made the repairs. Besides, the leaking water would be unhygienic, since it comes from the toilet bowl. Left unchecked, this filthy water would flood the floor. Eventually, it might accumulate and seep into the ceiling below. 

So, it’s important to understand what causes this leak. Accordingly, you can call a professional plumbing company to address the issue.

Common factors leading to leaking toilet at the base

1. Loose tee bolts

Have you noticed that your toilet slightly moves when you try to sit on it? Well, this might happen if the tee bolts are loose. On either side of every toilet, there are two bolts that keep it in place with a tight seal. In case you have water puddling at the base of the toilet, the tee bolts might be loose. 

In these situations, you need to make these bolts moderately tight. It would be wise to seek professional support from established plumbers. Tightening it too hard would lead to a crack. Also, you may consider replacing these bolts in case they keep spinning.

2. Condensation

In humid environments, condensation might lead to the puddling of water at the base of your toilet. Although there would be no actual leak, you might get a similar impression. 

So, you need to make the toilet dry by wiping it. Now turn on the flush and observe whether the water accumulates at its base. Inspect the loose hoses and valves around your toilet to detect the possible cause of the issue.

3. Worn out the wax ring

A damaged wax ring might lead to the leakage of water from the base of your toilet. The seal has got a ring, which can break after a few years. So, you need to replace this wax ring to prevent water from seeping from under the toilet.

Now, getting a new ring wouldn’t be an expensive pursuit. However, the process calls for a professional hand since you need to lift the toilet aside to get the wax ring replaced. It would be wise to hire a plumber and get a new wax ring in place.

Hire a reputed plumber to fix a leaking toilet

 Apart from the aspects we have discussed, you might also have a cracked toilet leading to the pooling of water at its base. To inspect the cracks, you would need sophisticated apparatus like flashlights. The leaks might also take place due to plumbing pipe corrosion. None of these issues are within the scope of repair with amateur hands. So, make sure to reach out to one of the reputed plumbing companies to get the problem fixed.