Top Gaming Headphones to Buy in 2021

The gaming industry is booming right now. Ever since gaming as a pastime has been transformed into a proper E-sport industry, the market keeps coming up with great new products for gamers to perfect their experiences. Things like special keyboards, a gaming mouse, and monitors have long been an absolute must for anyone who is willing to try themselves in the gaming world. Those items help people to improve their performance, achieve greater results, and meet their needs to the fullest. Indeed, those gaming products can truly optimize one’s experience to the fullest and help them focus on the process better. However, what about the headphones? This element can be as crucial as any gaming keyboard when it comes to certain games.

It’s better not to underestimate the role of headphones for gaming. Those can be not just luxury items or comfort products. These can be an essential tool when it comes to your professional growth as a gamer. High-quality audio can make all the difference in the world (or even become a life and death difference, virtually, of course). Anyway, hearing every little detail in your environment can improve your performance and create a more immersive experience. Not to mention that a good headset should do a better job at protecting your hearing. 

We have collected some of the top gaming headphones so you could pick something for yourself.  


All Windows PC gamers must be familiar with this headset model. Asus Rog Delta is one of the most popular in the gamers’ circles. It’s fair to call Asus a veteran in the gaming industry. For years, it has been providing us with some great hardware for gaming. Well, this particular headset was no exception. A stylish design, its compatibility with all other gaming hardware, and relatively low price created a good combination. The headset is very comfortable to have on for prolonged periods, which is definitely a plus for long gaming nights. It also has a detachable microphone. Hence, you can easily use the headphones to listen to music wherever you go. 


We’d be fast to admit that this gaming headset is on the highest end of the price spectrum. However, the same can be said about their efficiency. Steelseries Arctis Pro is a perfect option for those who value high-quality sound. The headset can work tirelessly for around 20 hours straight. It also comes with a noise cancellation feature. What’s more, it has an impressive 40-feet range. All in all, if you’re up for some high-end product, look no further. Keep in mind, though, that this headset is designed for PS5 and PS4 only. 


Another Steelseries on our list, Arctis 7P, is a more budget option for aspiring professional gamers. Arctis 7P was originally designed for PS5. Hence, you are investing in your future by getting this headset. It can be a great purchase for those who are planning to transition into PS5 in the near future. Also, this headset is still compatible with Nintendo, PC, PS4, and Android. This wireless headset has a 30-feet range and has 24 hours battery life. The high-quality sound can definitely create a great immersive experience, while its comfortable design won’t distract you from the process. 


AOC GH300 is another great budget option all students may appreciate. Although this headset is the newest one on the market, it’s also one of the most affordable professional gaming headsets. Hence, you can both buy this headset and afford to order ecology paper examples if you need to save for academic help. For its price, it offers truly remarkable quality and sound. The headset is also comfortable to wear. You can use them every day as well as in gaming sessions, especially since it comes with a detachable mic. The headset is compatible only with PC and Mac. 


Another high-end headset on our list, JBL Quantum One, is a great gem in gaming hardware. We admit it’s in the higher price range, though it’s worth every cent you pay. First of all, JBL Quantum One is built with the best materials, which will last you forever. The quality of its production and design means that you purchase a long-term investment. If you want to learn more about the business side of such a deal, you can click here to ask professionals to explain it to you. 

Secondly (and we are all here) is the quality of the sound. With this headset, you won’t miss any tiniest detail that happens in the game. It moved beyond just an immersive experience. It’s not you who are immersed in the gaming world. It’s the world you are playing immerses into your life. Although the set designs for Windows, it can work with pretty much any device.

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