Reasons Why You Should Use A Marketing Cartoon Video

For companies, cartoon marketing video can help open up new opportunities to reach different market segments. With video marketing, you can tell stories about your products or customers. However, video marketing needs to be done correctly to get the desired results. An experienced Orange County digital marketing agency can develop your marketing ideas and turn them into reality. The innovative animation video will communicate well with your potential customers and convey your point of view. More importantly, the video will not take you a lot of time and can bring long-term benefits to generate potential customers. Here are some crucial reasons why animated videos should be used throughout digital marketing activities.

Bigger Audience and More Engagement

Since customers bombard various types of content online, Hormiga will choose simple, informative, and easy-to-use content. In terms of consumer content, watching videos is usually more interesting than reading text. Vision is our primary sense, and most people have learned to perceive. Viewers retain 95% of the information they obtain through video, while only 10% when reading written text. Therefore, visual learning has a more significant impact on the viewer’s thinking.

Present Abstract Ideas Visually

Perhaps the most significant benefit of using animated video is that you can easily capture abstract ideas visually. Ask yourself, “Can I straighten the camera?” If so, real-life action may be easier than animated video, but if you want to capture tremendous things (such as global logistics) or tiny things (such as running a Microprocessor) or something abstract? (Such as Bitcoin). This is a bit tricky. This is the advantage of animated video. Animated videos can easily capture ideas that are difficult to see on the screen without restriction.

Easy to Understand

When it comes to complex ideas or products, just explaining in words can be a big problem. Depending on how the copy is written and the level of technology, listeners can connect and interact with it. Copying and flat images do not always bring creativity to life like cartoon marketing videos.

They were not Separated!

The best thing about animation is that you can’t separate anyone. You can interact with all types of audiences. This is useful if you have a broad demographic. If you don’t want them to be human, then your protagonist does not even need to be human. Think of Tiger Tony, Coco Pops’ Coco, and Nesquik Bunny. When it comes to animation, the possibilities are endless!

Inject new vitality into your business

Animated logos are a great way to represent your brand. For example, if you want your company logo to swing on the screen, we can do it as easily as flying a purple elephant in the air to promote your product. With an animated logo and explanatory video, you can stand out from the crowd. Competitors from every niche market. This kind of cartoon marketing video and strategy is significant if you sell products in an industry where there are many “equal” competitors. If you find yourself in a business environment where certain graphics are widely used in specific industries, business animations will also help.


Finally, there are more and more reasons to incorporate cartoons into your marketing strategy.

Whether you are looking for flexibility, ease of implementation, or just a cheap tool that does not affect quality, the shopping cart marketing opportunity is a beautiful opportunity that most business owners and marketers cannot ignore.

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