McDonalds WiFi Login – How Do You Connect On Different Devices?

Most working people choose McDonalds because from their restaurants you will not only get the good food but you can also use their free McDonalds WiFi Login connection as well to complete your tasks, assignments, your project or even attend online meetings.

McDonalds is a chain of food restaurants working in almost every corner of the world and has a huge number of customers everywhere. The main reason for their popularity among the customers is their service.

McDonald’s Wi-Fi login Portal And How To Connect

McDonald’s have established McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi that allows you to complete your all the tasks and business without any delay.

From their Wi-Fi portal you as a customer can connect any of your devices with Wi-Fi and along with food you will be able to complete your pending works without further delay.

In order to use McDonald’s Wi-Fi you have to first sign in with McDonald’s Wi-Fi and for that there are some steps to follow:

  1. If you are sitting in McDonald’s restaurants or you are in a nearby location, start searching for all the available Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Then open browsers in your laptop or phone which can be Android or iPhone and go to the McDonald’s free Wi-Fi login option.
  3. First step is to accept all the terms and conditions and then click on the Get Connected option.
  4. After accepting terms and conditions your device will be connected with the Wi-Fi.
  5. One more thing if you are using the free Internet at McDonalds, please enjoy the meal as well.

How To Sign In With Different Devices?

McDonald’s Wi-Fi is accessible through almost all the devices. Here we have discussed the stable Wi-Fi connection of McDonald with your laptop, iPhone or iOS device etc.


  1. From the settings catalog of your Android phone, the first step is to turn on the Wi-Fi.
  2. If the automatic Wi-Fi detection option is on, your device will trace the McDonald’s free Wi-Fi and if it is not try to change it to the automatic option.
  3. When your device traces the McDonald’s free Wi-Fi, click on the McDonald’s Wi-Fi option and allow further processing for complete connection.
  4. Then the next step is when you open a Google search page there they will ask you to accept all the terms and conditions.
  5. After that click on the option of Get Connected to proceed further.
  6. Then your device will be paired with McDonald’s Wi-Fi.


  1. From the iPhone go to the setting options.
  2. Then check if the Wi-Fi option is available or not.
  3. If it is available then choose McDonald free Wi-Fi or McDonald Wi-Fi Wayport _ Access among all the available networks.
  4. Successful connection of your iPhone with McDonald free Wi-Fi is shown by an unsecured network on the status bar.
  5. When it appears as unsecure network simply go to the Google page and accept all the terms and conditions available on that page.
  6. After accepting the terms and conditions your iPhone will automatically get connected and after a successful connection you can use free Wi-Fi.


  1. First of all select the taskbar option from the bottom of your laptop.
  2. Then choose  the Wi-Fi option.
  3. When the option of free McDonald’s Wi-Fi appears try to connect with your laptop.
  4. When your laptop will get connected with the Wi-Fi the page with terms and conditions will appear.
  5. Simply click on the option of Get Connected and use the free Wi-Fi.

McDonald’s Wi-Fi Not Connecting – What Now?

If due to some technical issues or the browser you are using your device is not connected with the McDonald’s free Wi-Fi then it is not a big deal because there are trouble shooting options available for these problems.

So whenever you will face this problem there are some solutions like:

  1. When there is a problem with smooth connection they sometimes give you the option of authorized connection so simply accepted to connect your device with McDonald’s Wi-Fi.
  2. You can restart your device or refresh the window to start the connection again.
  3. There are multiple third party software available for Wi-Fi connection and you can use them.
  4. You can first sign in the procedure and after signing you can accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Last but not the least, turn off the Wi-Fi option from the setting bar of your device and try to turn it again to check the availability of free Wi-Fi.

How To Get More Speed With McDonald’s Wi-Fi Connection?

Along with Wi-Fi connection, speed is a crucial element for smooth searching. There are different key elements which you should always keep in mind to get maximum use from McDonald’s Wi-Fi.

  1. Try to track the location or position where internet connection or streaming is good like all the bars of the internet are showing.
  2. You can use a Wi-Fi antenna to get maximum internet connection with good speed.
  3. There are different applications or functions in your device which consume more data, so simply go to the settings and try to turn off those applications and when you will turn off those applications internet speed will automatically be good.
  4. Try to change channels.

Take-Home Message

Although McDonald’s charged almost $ 2.95 at different stores of them in US but still there are many places from where you can enjoy both delicious food and a speedy Wi-Fi at any restaurant of McDonalds.

So for that follow all their necessary guidelines related to free use of Wi-Fi.

Furthermore almost all the important steps and necessary things are highlighted from their official website.

So customers can enjoy by watching musical videos, dramas, movies, live broadcasting of favorite matches and fashion shows etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between manual connection and automatic connection of McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

The basic difference between these two is in case of automatic connection your device with McDonald’s network an option of automatic connection to network will appear.

So you have to simply turn on it and after turning on it accept the terms and conditions and by continuing you can enjoy the Wi-Fi.

But in case of manual connection you have to manually search for the McDonald’s network from the Wi-Fi settings in then you will proceed further.

Why McDonalds provide free Wi-Fi to the customers?

Definitely the main reason is that as one of the biggest food chain people mostly want to try its food but due to busy schedule they cannot. 

That is why McDonalds provides free Wi-Fi so you will be able to enjoy you food and work together that will increase their demand among the customers.

How is it possible to trace the location of McDonald’s restaurants and to connect a device with its free Wi-Fi?

McDonalds have their own official website from where locations of all the store or restaurants can be traced. So once you traced the location, simply go there and try to follow all the steps for connecting any type of your device with their Wi-Fi to enjoy the best Internet service.

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