How to Choose Between the Latest Cybersecurity Standards in 2022:

Cybersecurity standards are the properly chosen protocols designed to protect companies from different types of attacks. In most cases, these techniques are preventive tools or policies applied mostly to services or networks, but may also relate to people. Cybersecurity standards aren’t used to standardize the security measures only. They are also called to help businesses manage the risks on the Internet and increase the security of their data use. 

The experts in the field choose different protocols to identify the risks, prevent them or manage the ongoing attacks on or other different apps and organizations. The abundance of security protocols makes the businesses choose the type of framework in a more careful way. 

There are a lot of different standards appropriate for various companies, businesses, and even industries. These regulations ensure a high standard of cybersecurity measures in the industry and ensure better management of the common remote-work-related challenges. Let’s check out more about how these standards work.

The Importance of IT Security Frameworks Implementation 

In the last couple of years, you might have noticed a rise in cyberattacks that hit even the largest and most protected businesses. Spreading ransomware is one of the most common cyber attacks with other different dangers online, hackers make the online industry vulnerable to hacking risks. Even a small attack can affect the work of the company, its budget, and its reputation, not to mention the massive hacking initiatives unless the cybersecurity framework examples are applied. 

In most cases, this is ransomware used to hack the system of a company. Ransomware helps hackers lock the data within the device or overall network. Once the data has been locked, the owners of the business need to buy a specifically designed tool to unlock the necessary materials. And this is only one type of the widely common attacks spread online. Cyber security framework guidelines are important to help businesses protect their data from the evolving number of attacks happening daily. 

How to Choose What Cybersecurity Standard to Stick To 

There are multiple factors that can affect the choice of IT security standards. As a business owner or an expert dealing with the problem, you can consider various options for the choice of the protocol. Sometimes the industry matters a lot. But in some cases, the deciding factor is the compliance requirements on the market. 

While some companies will find Sorbex-Oxley regulations the best option for their industry, other businesses will need to implement the HITRUST regulations. Some protocols may take more time to be implemented, while others take less time, but could show less effective protection in the face of a security risk. If there’s a need to choose from the top cybersecurity standards, the following list must help. 


IT Governance professionals gave rise to the development of the standard. It was the ISACA organization that helped to design a newly accepted standard developed in the 1990s. ISACA is known for offering other major certifications, too. The original goal of the COBIT protocol was to prevent risks in the IT sector. Following the highly developed technologies and tools, COBIT helps businesses manage their work and set goals without the risk of experiencing another breach. 

ISO 27000 Series

This is one of the most well-known cybersecurity standards used in different industries. The flexibility of the framework makes it adjustable to different types of organizations and their sizes. IT was the International Organization of Standardization that made an effort to design a new cybersecurity protocol. ISO has a vocabulary and can define the requirements needed to comply with the specific industry standards. 

CIS Controls 

This protocol has been designed by the Center for International Security organization. It offers versatile controls that can be a part of the security measure program for any organization. It ensures a high level of resilience within the technical infrastructure. However, it has nothing to do with risk analysis or management. If there are different security protection frameworks applied in the organization, CIS Controls will link to them to ensure a better level of protection. 


There are different cybersecurity initiatives that are called to protect the international environment in different realms. This is one of them. This cybersecurity framework is necessary to protect the personal data of EU citizens. The security protocol prevents unauthorized access and takes control over general access to the files. 


Let’s proceed with another security measure and let you know the COSO protocol. It has been designed as a part of the initiative from the 5 major international organizations. Risk management prevention and internal security controls are the measurable goals of this protocol.  

NIST Series 

How to reach the best security standard in any industry? There’s a library of IT standards with wide regulations. You can come across the NIST control examples. 

  • NIST SP 800-53 is mainly focused on cloud security and works within the online tasks. 
  • NIST SP 800-171 helps protect the security governors due to their close work with the internationally important departments. 
  • NIST CSF addresses the risks in the critical infrastructure and is called to minimize the risks from the cyber attacks in the sector. 
  • NIST SP 1800 Series is a general approach to the cybersecurity protection in a wide range of generally used industries 

These are the most common information security standards to apply to the industry protection protocols. Some of them have more power, while others can work the best in a narrow area. 

Final Words

The number of cybersecurity attacks has doubled in the last couple of years. Businesses can’t keep up with the new tendencies and prevent all the risks unless the clear security frameworks are implemented. In this article, there are examples of cybersecurity frameworks to help any industry prevent possible risks and protect personal data. 

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