E-Store Shopify to WooCommerce Migration Benefits:

Over the past few years, there has been a significant transfer increase of trading business to the Internet space intensity. According to experts, this is because of the difficult world’s epidemiological situation. It’s also worth marking that online sales help the business owners save up to 30% of funds compared to maintaining a stationary store cost.

For an e-shops building, the merchants often choose the Shopify platform. The latter has a friendly interface and ease of use. But this platform isn’t suitable for e-stores with a low cash turnover. So, similar business owners after using Shopify often transfer their e-shops to WooCommerce (running WordPress). Trading facilities relocation should be trusted to ensured professionals. It’s because of the Shopify to WooCommerce migrating process complexity. The sellers may contact the qualified specialists, e.g. by visiting

Why does Shopify not suit for a low cash turnover business?

The monthly platform services using cost is about $29…299. Also, the store owners need to pay each transaction commission. Additionally, interest is charged when using third-party payment systems. Such conditions aren’t suitable for everyone (especially if it’s a young company).

E-Mail Hosting Absence

This means merchants cannot host a domain-based post address like What they can do is to set up e-mail forwarding. So, whenever someone contacts, the mail will be automatically redirected to the seller’s normal post address like Gmail, Outlook, AOL, or Yahoo. It’s the same with e-mail responses. A separate employee may be required to conduct business correspondence using this approach.

Need for Costs to Expand the Website Functions Menu

Among the additional expenses for the e-shop development, it’s important to mark spending for:

  • ordering the services of a programmer that knows the special Shopify PHP script;
  • installing add-ons (can cost from $60 per month or more);
  • social networks integration (averaging about $400 a year).

Such expenses wouldn’t scare the large e-stores owners. But for small business holders, these rates will surely seem prohibitive.

Main WooCommerce Features

Most aspiring online entrepreneurs don’t choose this platform from the very beginning because of its seeming difficulty. In fact, the seller simple has to get used to some WooCommerce options. Among the key platform benefits are:

  • additions for improving the sales efficiency availability (for example, the definition of certain consumer group products);
  • simple and free interface customization, the presence of many plug-ins for personalizing the website;
  • restrictions on the customers’ number, orders, and placed goods absence (within hosting capabilities);
  • free and open source (this gives unlimited personalizing e-shops possibilities);
  • simple reporting tools availability (functions like these give the sellers the ability of quick getting profit, sales number, inventory, and so on information);
  • mobile platform’s version ability (the store owner can control the website operation from anywhere where there is an Internet connection).

Also, WooCommerce e-stores stand out for their high operating speed. It’s especially important considering that 53% of shoppers leave if the store’s website loading time exceeds 3-5 sec. More information about the WooCommerce platform can be found, for example, by visiting the Cart2Cart Company blog.

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