5 Best Cybersecurity Tools and Software in 2021

A CompTIA study suggests that 26 percent of the big corporations, 20 percent of the mid-size companies, and 17 percent of the small-scale businesses utilize heavy cybersecurity measures.

Cybersecurity alludes to securing your software, hardware, and information from cybercriminals. It secures your system and network against cyberattacks that can access, change, or destroy confidential data. 

A cybersecurity software is an unquestionable requirement of the digital world for the cybersecurity of an individual or a business. Cybersecurity is the technique that is utilized to secure the applications, system, or network from cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is mainly categorized as follows:

  • Information Security
  • Application Security
  • Network Security
  • Operational Security
  • Disaster Management and Recovery
  • Cloud Security
  • End-user Education

Many ISPs have started introducing security features in their internet plans to support their customers against cyberattacks. You can click here to find out about the best internet plans and packages ensuring your device security and service protection along with the guaranteed download speeds.

Why Is Cybersecurity Important? 

We will discuss the significance of cybersecurity by incorporating statistics from a 2019 research conducted by Mimecast. According to the content of this research, organizations have observed a 26 percent rise in ransomware, 88 percent of the companies have noticed a rise in email phishing, and 67 percent of the companies have reported the rise in impersonation fraud. 

Utilizing public Wi-Fi makes your data and device vulnerable to cyberattacks. Norton has found that 54 percent of people utilize public networks while 73 percent of these individuals knew the threats of using a public network. 

All such statistics demonstrate that cybersecurity is very important to survive in the modern, digitized world. 

Following is a rundown of the best cybersecurity tools and software that are designed to protect your online integrity:

  1. SolarWinds Security Event Manager

Category: Cloud-based tool; SIEM

Free Trial: 14 days

Price: Starts from 4500 USD

This cybersecurity tool is the best choice for small to large organizations. SolarWinds Security Event Manager is a host and network intrusion detection program and improves your computer security levels. It can detect cyber threats, control policies, and secure your network all on its own. It is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution.


  • It has a built-in monitoring system
  • Its UI and dashboard is intuitive 
  • It contains compliance and reporting tools
  • Its log collection is centralized; offers log event archive and log correlation
  • It has a strong security updates’ system
  1. Bitdefender total security

Category: Cybersecurity software

Free Trial: 30 days

Price: 42.99 USD

Bitdefender is great for individual usage as well as corporate security. It is a cloud-based cybersecurity program that offers incredible security features like a privacy firewall, file shredder, vulnerability assessment, social network security, anti-theft, and anti-phishing, etc. It keeps your devices and network secure from any outer intrusions and takes complete care of your online identity. 


  • It offers multi-layer protection against ransomware
  • It provides Network threat protection
  • It has features to prevent frauds, web attacks, and can put your network under rescue mode 
  • It provides 24/7 support and security updates
  • It can be managed on your browser
  • It offers a VPN service
  • Its tracking time is incredibly fast and it can detect and destroy cyberthreats in minutes
  • It is recommended for safe banking
  1. Malwarebytes

Category: Home or Business Cybersecurity

Free Trial: On request

Price: Starts from 39.99 USD yearly for homes; Starts from 119.97 USD yearly for businesses

It is a cybersecurity software program that can protect your network and devices against ransomware, malware, suspicious websites, and advanced online threats. It offers cybersecurity plans for homes and businesses. It is compatible to work with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chromebook devices. Malwarebytes can detect and block more than eight million threats in a day.

Its products like incident response and endpoint security are excessively famous in the education, health, and finance industries.


  • It conducts privacy audit for all programs and applications
  • It can support numerous languages including French, Italian, English, and German.
  • It uses principles of behavior matching and anomaly detection to protect your system
  • It provides multilayered security incorporating endpoint detection
  • It prevents cyber threats and attacks in real-time 
  • It can clean up infected devices in no time
  1. Mimecast

Category: Compliance, Email Security

Free Trial: None

Price: Starts at 3.50 USD monthly

Mimecast is a specialized cybersecurity tool that provides intense cyber resilience and email security. It can also protect your device from malicious websites. It is a one-stop cybersecurity software for your emails and offers services including information protection, threat protection, cloud archiving, and web security.


  • It reduces security risks and the problems that come when restoring data
  • It can detect and remove cyber attacks instantly
  • It can remove attacks even before they enter your system
  • It can control content automatically and prevent data loss
  • It blocks inappropriate and malicious websites to protect your network
  • It offers an archiving facility in order to safely archive files, data, and emails
  1. Webroot

Category: Cybersecurity for networks, endpoints, mobiles, and PCs

Free Trial: Yes

Price: Starts from 29.99 USD yearly

Webroot is a great cybersecurity program that offers cloud-based security to detect and remove threats and malware in real-time. It is capable to protect your mobile devices, PCs, and Mac computers. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android; and provides a solution for businesses as well as homes.


  • It protects everything on your network including login and password details
  • Its security updates do not consume a huge amount of time and data
  • It incorporates threat intelligence and can forecast potential threats
  • With this tool, you can browse, shop, and use your internet safely

The LAst word

This article sums up the top cybersecurity tools and software. While there a number of free cybersecurity tools available, we have presented you with options that are designed for homes and businesses and are incredibly reliable. Before choosing any cybersecurity tool, make sure that its feature aligns with your requirements.

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