10 Signs You Need a New Laptop

Are you satisfied with your laptop but have recently noticed that something is not functioning correctly? Unfortunately, laptops get old and require replacement sooner or later. What’s most important, the reason is not the hardware that breaks down. It’s modern software and technologies that become incompatible with your device with the passing of time.

So, when is the right moment to buy a new computer?

The right time comes when you feel you can no longer easily download and install the program you need for your studies. Or when your laptop loads for hours before letting you into your desktop.

Does this sound familiar? Take some time off and select a new laptop before yours gets absolutely useless.

If you have no time for this research, but your laptop is already playing with you, there is an easy way to find some. Delegate some of your tasks to essay writers from EssayPro, and enjoy your shopping. However, before you start, read the article below to confirm that you really need a new laptop.

What are the signs of an outdated or malfunctioning laptop?

First of all, we want to make it clear: we do not sell new laptops. That means there is absolutely no commercial interest for us in pushing you to buy a new gadget. What we really want is to ensure that, as a student, you are prepared and experience less stress if something goes wrong with your device.

Some students may need a replacement for an objective reason. Others may look for an excuse for their desire to buy a new device. Whatever your motivation is, you’ll find what you are looking for below.

The Power Button Won’t Turn It On

You have just recently shut down your laptop, but now you press the power button, and nothing happens? This is a huge sign that you need to save money for a new device.

You’ll most likely be able to revive it, and it will serve you for a little while. However, there are high chances that your laptop will show no signs of life after a few days.

A malfunctioning power button can be replaced. However, if it’s not the button but the matrix, there is no reason to even try to fix it. It’s definitely more logical to think of a replacement.

Your Laptop Gets Overheated

If you feel that your computer gets so overheated that you can literally fry eggs on it, you need to think of buying a new gadget. It may happen from time to time, but if your laptop shuts down whenever it reaches the temperature edge, you cannot be sure that it functions properly.

Do not let your computer develop heat-related problems. It may let you down at the worst time imaginable.

Your Machine Is Too Noisy

If your computer becomes too noisy, that’s a sign of a problem as well. You can bring it to service and expect some help. However, usually, noise has a much more serious nature than just some dust.

A professional repair outlet may help you. Yet, we’d recommend saving some cash to buy an emergency replacement just in case.

Screen Issues

A failing display is a common cause of computer failures. Some of them can be easily fixed, others may be the beginning of the end for your laptop.

So, first of all, decide if screen changes affect your ability to use your laptop. If they are localized and you can deal with them, there is no need to rush to buy a new laptop. If you have a history of dropping your computer or breaking its screen, a new device may be a necessity.

Sometimes screen issues manifest internal malfunctions that are hard to fix with a screen replacement. If this is the case, a new laptop may look financially reasonable.

Your Laptop Is Old

When your laptop gets too old, one day, you may find out that you can’t install a certain program. Also, you may eventually learn that your operating system does not support certain applications that are critical for your studies.

There is no cure for aging. This applies to technologies, too. Apple MacBooks are usually serviced for a couple of years. They get operating system updates and can be fixed free of charge by authorized points of sale. The timeline is limited not because Apple as a company wants to grow sales. Older hardware simply can’t handle newer software.

Keyboard Glitches

Keyword glitches may look innocent, but they can be quite problematic when it comes to repairing. Dealers and service representatives can replace a keyboard for some models. In this case, you can enjoy your laptop functioning smoothly for another couple of years. 

However, if the keyword in your computer is fully built into the laptop, you might need to consider buying a new laptop.

Battery Issues

Laptop batteries require special care and attention. Most modern models don’t allow their batteries to be easily replaced. Thus, if you don’t want your battery to die sooner, you should always monitor the charging process, unplug the charger on time, and check battery health. If you didn’t care about it before, and now you are experiencing some issues, it might be the time you considered buying a new laptop.

Is Your Laptop Portable Enough?

Students choose laptops based on their portability. If your laptop is older, it’s likely to be heavy. For many students, having thinner and lighter laptops is a priority now. If you have noticed that your laptop is quite heavy compared to your friends’ devices, you need to consider replacing it with a newer model.

Travelers will especially appreciate this advice since they know how important portability is.

Safety and Security Issues

No matter how well-protected your computer is, it’s still better to replace it after a few years of usage. Students that are particularly concerned with cybersecurity will definitely agree with this. No anti-virus software guarantees you 100% safety.

Scary stories about catastrophic data loss or identity theft are quite common. If you have any concerns about the data protection and security of your laptop, you’d better think of replacing it within a short time.

Hard Drive Incidents

If your hard drive, often abbreviated as an SSD, malfunctions, you can never be sure that your data is saved. When hard drives are damaged, there is little chance you can make your laptop run as it used to. Thus, if you have even the slightest suspicion that something is wrong and your laptop’s drive does not function well, you must consider a replacement.


Computers, laptops, and smartphones cannot stay modern forever. After a while, you’ll need to think of a replacement, no matter how well they served you.

It’s better to be prepared and have some emergency money for such purchases. As a student, you won’t survive without gadgets. Thus, if you ignore the first signs, you may need to act immediately when your laptop lets you down next time.

We would recommend saving the list above to check your laptop’s health occasionally. A simple test can save your nerves and help you avoid unnecessary stress. At the same time, if you find out your laptop is in perfect shape, you’ll know you can rely on it.