Sony SSCS5 Review | Is It Just A Nice Speaker Or Much More?

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If you came here looking for a bookshelf speaker to satisfy all your music needs and most importantly for Sony SSCS5 Review then, luckily, you have come to the right place!

Some may say the speakers’ area underpowered for passive bookshelf use. Most of the speakers have quality, economical Bluetooth features, and resolution of audio but they may also remain an open question in the review.

Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf...Something Great
  • Bookshelf speaker with Hi-Res Audio perfect for your home theater or music listening setup

In this Sony SSCS5 review, we will highlight all the features, design, pros, cons, and overall performance you can expect from these fantastic speakers. 

Sony SSCS5 Review – Guide with details

Sony SSCS5 presents a unique three-way design, for instance, it two ¾ inches tweeters extend.

Above all on its top, it is fits with Sony’s proprietary Hi-Resolution audio codec best suited for near-field listening.

The main aim is to deliver the best sound quality at an affordable price. The mid-range clarity that the speakers produce is hard to find when you compare it with other speakers that have rate less than $200. 

However, if you are an audiophile with not enough cash in your pocket to spend mindlessly, then these speakers must be considered   

Sony SSCS5 – Bookshelves Speaker System
Sony SSCS5 review
  • Natural sound
  • 3 drivers of amazing sound quality
  • Powerful soundstage
  • Tapered faceplate edges
  • Dampened wooden cabinet
  • Needs subwoofer for better performance.

Sony SSCS5 Bookshelf Speaker
Super Tweeter Quality Sound

Super Tweeter to precisely reproduce the higher frequencies with confidence. Hear all the tiny details in the upper-frequency range!
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Specs Details

Price $149.99
Dimensions 7 x 9 x 13 inches
Weight 10 lbs
Peak Power Handling 100 W
Impedence 6 ohms
Frequency Response Range 53 – 50k Hz
Sensitivity 87 dB/w/m
Warranty 2 Years

Sony SSCS5 Review 

Sony SSCS5 has a unique design therefore it does not carry a subwoofer which is typical of many speakers. Instead, it has two tweeters that work incompatibly with the speaker’s Hi-Res audio codec.

Furthermore, it has an operating power of 30 W with an 87 sensitivity rating. That is low for passive bookshelf speakers but works well enough for use in the living room. Although this makes the speakers more suited for near-field listening. 

Important: The design is pretty attractive too. Grain vinyl finish covers the removable drivers. Overall, it is a bulky choice as compared to other options, but it only makes sense with extra components that it has to offer.

You can argue that there are better speakers available for the same price, but these do not offer unique designs and proprietary audio codec like Sony SSCS5. That is what makes them such a good choice for playing music.

That is why they are definitely worth your consideration if you want HiFi near-field speakers and do not mind pairing them to a receiver.  

Features of Sony SSCS5

Catchy Design

  • Sony SSCS5 is specifically for home music entertainment.

  • It comes in a black, elegant cabinet that is entirely made of wood that looks great and well-dampened.

  • This feature makes sure the speaker is free from all the unwanted vibrations and hassle that can occur while playing loud music. 

  • The cabinet is strengthened with good quality joints so that the boards do not come off or dislocate.

  • The robust design guarantees reliable durability of the speakers subsequently, long term use. You do not need to worry that the speakers will not function well after just a few months!

  • The speaker may be bulky for some, but it still has a compact design. However, you can choose to place it at any desired location.

  • Aside from the size, the bookshelf speaker also comes with a grille.

  • It is detachable, and you can decide whether to put it on speakers or take it off.

  • It makes the projected sound more discrete, so you enjoy and relax with your favorite track. 

Three Different Drivers

  • Sony SSCS5 comes with three different drivers: woofer, tweeter, and a super tweeter. 

  • The 5.12 woofer is capable of moving fast but works impeccably with the mica reinforced cellular design.

  • Similarly, The mice-cellular diaphragm helps it in the function for a perfect base with a lot of power. Moreover, you can also expect to hear a detailed mid-range. 

  • On the other hand, it’s an incredible tweeter made from the polyester fiber at your disposal!

  • The material not only gives an adequate design but an excellent treble reproduction.

  • Furthermore, it is capable of canceling out sound pressure that occurs when playing music at high volumes. Therefore those speak for the amazing sound quality of the speaker.

  • Lastly, the super tweeter is also of great driver quality.

  • It can accurately reproduce the highest of the frequencies without any issue. For instance, that will let you hear the tiny details of the sound in the upper-frequency range.

  • All these components of the Sony SSCS5 are of excellent quality. The tweeter with air corn conductors and the woofer with silicone steel plate makes the speakers highly effective and durable.

  • This choice will not fail you in terms of reliable components and lifespan. 

Overall Performance

  • You can not expect anything but a fantastic performance from Sony SSCS5.

  • These bookshelf speakers are capable of performing their job better than any other stereo speaker.

  • The sound will expand through the entire house without any distortion or interruption.

  • Be ready to feel like you are at a concert or watching a movie in the theatre in your room! 

  • The Sony SSCS5 is a perfect choice if you prefer deep sounds with great clarity.

  • Not only can the tiny speakers fill the room with music, but you will also enjoy a lot of nuances.

  • The bass is excellent, the mids are pleasant, and the speakers have a very accurate treble. 

  • The speaker’s design also lets it take care of possible distortions which are typical at high volumes.

  • The mice reinforced cellular structure gives out the sound of crisp and beautiful quality.

  • The overall beat is natural and transparent, with enough warmness to make your music attractive.

What’s Missing?

It is common even for amazing speakers to experience some signal loss during transmission. However, pairing them with the right components can get rid of this issue or at least reduce it to a minimum level.

Sony SSCS5 has the features minimal signal reduction that helps to deliver the best sound quality.

There is also another thing about the speakers that are not very spectacular. It indeed has an excellent bass reproduction, but the lack of a nice subwoofer pulls down the overall performance.

This component, if used, can make the output more precise when it comes to lower frequency ranges. That may not seem like a big deal to many.

The speakers function great ever due to their subwoofer. However, if you are interested in an upgrade for a more accurate sound, you should consider buying it. 

Sony SSCS5 Review: Final Verdict

All in all, the Sony SSCS5 is a very nice speaker with impeccable design, unique features, and excellent sound quality.

If you are not satisfied with the review, you can do more research about it to eventually find out that it deserves a place in your home. 

Sony SSCS5 will not be a disappointment, because you will thoroughly enjoy it. It is one of the most smoothest-sounding speakers out there that can compete with a decent range of mini speaker pairs.

Whether your interest is in light pop, folk, jazz, or classical, the Sony SSCS5 is a great choice! 

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