Raycon E50 Truly Wireless Earbuds Review

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Out of so many options and variations available in the market today, Raycon E50 ear drums win the race.

Raycon Company never fails to impress its users when it comes to the audio industry by producing products which delivers as they are advertised.

As the need for use on-the-go demand increases, value for money also comes hand in hand. A good pair of earbuds must be wireless completely.

Raycon E50 does exactly that. They are premium in design and quality. These are good for gym freaks, they are fashionable, practical, and not so bad when it comes to the price.

E50 has a good battery life, a good sound profile, they should be comfortable in the ears of different sizes, the noise cancellation, and calling feature and most important of all they must not lack in the connectivity between earbuds and the phone.

When we think of earbuds we think they are just simple earphones, but the reality is more than that. So picking up the right earbud totally depends on one’s needs and priority.

Raycon E50 Truly Wireless Earbuds
raycon e50 true wireless earbuds
  • Booming and dark sound profile
  • Water proof
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Light on pocket
  • Portable and light weight design
  • Good range
  • Short battery time
Raycon E50 Wireless Earbud
Next Generation True Earbud

The comfortable and decent design, no tangled wires and easy to use pair of earbuds is something you won’t regret purchasing.
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Raycon E50 is very stylish in design and this makes it one of the key selling points. They are in accentuate color range that stands out. They don’t extend beyond the ears and have a glossy finishing touch. They use a special gel based design which is excellent for fitting perfectly inside the ear and also for noise isolation and leakage.

Features of Raycon E50 Truly Wireless Headphones

Raycon E50 Sound Profile

  • Raycon E50 has a decent bass performance. It produces a deep thump and bass rumble which is quite well extended. This is due to the high-bass performance resulting in the boomy and filling bass. But it lacks the low-bass which in turns makes the intensity of rumble a little less. It has a quite impressive mid-range performance as well. Raycon E50’s stereo sound is also great.

Comfort Level

  • Comfort is all we need when using wireless earbuds. While you are on the move and don’t want any distractions from your wireless eardrums, we would recommend Raycon E50. They are fairly comfortable in the ears.
  • They are very light weight approx. 0.02lb which is to be honest not much as compared to other market available wireless earbuds in such range. They don’t enter in the ear so deeply and output is still impressive.
  • They also come with 5 different silicon tip options, you can choose according to your ear size. Raycon E50 stays in the eardrum and don’t fall out regardless of your usage due to the fins they have.

Water Proof and breath ability

E50 bluetooth Earbuds water proof
  • These earbuds are water and sweat resistant and are rated IPX4.  Raycon E50 are also quite breathable. Heat is not trapped inside or around your ear. These are ideal for exercising purpose.


  • Raycon E50 gives a straightforward controls to its users. Users can play or pause the track with a single tap. With double taps you can skip the track or go back to the previous tap. To increase or decrease the volume user has to triple tap the earpiece. There are decent buttons which are easy to click.

On The Move

  • Portability of raycon E50 is great. They are very small in size and weight and can be carried easily inside the pocket.

Charging Case

  • The charging case of Raycon E50 is hard plastic. It is solid and can protect the earbuds inside it. The lid is quite unique as it is magnetic. Which means it doesn’t have a hook to keep the lid closed. 
E50 bluetooth Earbuds charging case
  • The charging case is also very small like the eardrums. With small and compact design and dimensions of 2.0” x 2.0” x 1.2” the case can also be carried around easily. Thus making it portable too.
  • This charging case can charge the earbuds four times extra if it is completely charged. This means that the charging case gives extra 16hours charge to the earbuds. And the case can be later charged with the micro-USB cable given in the package.

Single Earbud Mode

  • Raycon E50 offers a right eardrum mode. The right side earbud has its own Bluetooth connection. This is suitable for those who don’t want to be completely cut out from their surroundings. It is also ideal for the users in their offices or professions which requires at least one ear free.


  • Raycon E50 has a Bluetooth 5.0 version. But it cannot connect with multiple devices at the same time.
Raycon E50 bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
  • The line of sight range is very decent which is up to 194ft. it keeps the sync between the earbuds very smooth and steady. After the first initial setup process the earbuds with always automatically sync with your devices.


  • With a single charge Raycon E50 gives its users approx. 4hours to run continuously. Before you turn them off, user has to disconnect the earbuds from its source. Otherwise they will keep the connection ON even inside the case, until they are turned off which of course consumes a lot of battery. You can use just one of the earbuds during the other one is on charge. It take 1.2hours to charge the earpieces.

Blocking Noise

  • In the bass range like train engines, Raycon E50 don’t isolate the noise much. It is fairly noise isolating earpieces. However they are ideal to block the surrounding mid-range noises like ambient speech sounds.


  • Raycon E50 gives the excellent leakage performance. The leakage is so small that it goes unnoticeable and is further masked with the ambient sounds.

Integrated Microphone

  • When getting the wireless headphones one is always concerned about the microphone also. The microphone of Raycon E50 is integrated in the earbuds. It is not of any excellent quality but serves the purpose quite well.


We would recommend Raycon E50 on the basis of its low price and the features that it offers. These true wireless headphones are particularly useful for going to the gym or playing sports. They are unique in their case design whose lid is completely removable from the case.

E50 provides a bombastic sound profile to its users. They don’t automatically go off and keep the connection with the playing source. Raycon R50 is a very affordable and reliable truly wireless headphones. These headphones are aimed at people who don’t want to ignore the charging lifespan and want to control their devices with analogue touch button.

Among many other options in the market other than Raycon E50, one of them is Tozo T10.

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