M-Audio AV 40 Review – Best Speakers For PC System & Small Studio

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You know a winner when you see one!

When it comes to the world of speakers, it is true that M—Audio AV 40 is capable of taking the mainstream PC and multimedia speakers by storm.

In this M-Audio AV40 review, you will find out what makes this product the best choice among others!

It is a stand-alone accessory fit for someone who likes to listen to a lot of CDs, watch DVDs and play high-definition games on the computer.

Why has it become everyone’s favorite? Simply because AV40 not only looked bigger but sounded that too! It is meant for music lovers who care less about the compact size and more about the sound quality.

What’s more!“Fancy yourself a recording artist? A pair of quarter-inch inputs lets you connect the AV 40s to a mixing board and use them as studio monitors.”

M-Audio AV40 delivers more bass and played louder with no compromise on sound quality. It is a perfect pair of powered speakers that go well with non-amplified audio devices such as CD players and iPod dock.

M-Audio AV 40 Review – Worth Your Money

Here’s something to look out for! M-Audio has updated the AV40 but instead of giving it a new model name, most of their sites are still referring to it as the “new version”.  

The newer model has removed the Bass Boost button and the voltage sector too. It has also degraded power output from 20 W to 15 W per channel.

However, the website now again lists 20 W per channel. Regardless of the updates, AV 40 delivers a punchy sound and impressive quality even at surprisingly high volumes. Let’s have a look!

M-Audio AV 40 Speaker
M-Audio AV 40 review
  • Clean, loud and powerful sound.
  • Peerless audio quality.
  • High quality construction.
  • Auxiliary input and internal power supply.
  • Distortion-free.
  • Handy headphone jack.
  • Ouput power of 15-20 W.
  • Numerous connection options.
  • Soli fiberboard construction.
  • Magnetically shielded.
  • Large in size.
  • The power button on the backside.
M-Audio AV 40 Speaker
With Magnetic Shielding

Magnetically shielded M-Audio AV40 co-exists with electronic equipment without causing any damage due to stray magnetic flux.
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M-Audio AV 40 Review

M-Audio AV40 is undoubtedly an excellent choice as a PC speaker system if you do not mind giving it the extra space it needs. The perk that comes with accomodating large speakers is the best, slightly crisp sound quality at high volumes despite the loss of detail at high frequencies.

The performance is decent enough at low volumes although the overall output is a bit flatter ever since the Bass Boost feature was removed. You can not expect much from AV40 in the field of being a studio monitor.

We are hopeful that modifications in the future would install slightly bigger woofers to allow the speaker to compete in the monitor market. Until now, no such changes have been promised.

All in all, if you are not in search of an excellent-quality studio monitor and you are okay with a larger size then there is nothing wrong with investing in the M-Audio AV40 pair.

It might not be the best one out there but it is one of the most budget-friendly choices that is definitely worth the try considering overall sound quality and performance.

M-Audio AV40 Studiophile System Details

Weight 14 lbs
Body Material MDF
Battery Type Power supply
Power Source AC Power Adapter
Connection Types Audio line-in, headphones
Driver Type Woofer, tweeter
Driver Diameter 1 m, ¾ m, 4 m
Driver Material Kevlar, silk, polypropylene
Driver Design Ferro-fluid cooled
Output Power 20 Watts
Frequency Response 85 Hz
Input Impedance 4 Ohm
Nominal Impedance 20 KOhm
Connectivity Technology Wired
Signal-To-Noise Ratio 90 dB
Ouput Level 101.5 dB
Cross-over Frequency 2700 Hz
Control Bass, volume, power
Magnetically Shielded Yes

Features of M-Audio AV 40 Speaker

Impeccable Design

  • M-Audio AV40 has a fairly bulky design. It is 8.75 inches tall with a 6-inch width and 7.25-inch depth. The total weight is approximately 14 lbs. 

  • The 1-inch silk-dome tweeter and 4-inch polypropylene-coated woofer of the speaker are covered with black mesh grilles. It has a matte-finished vinyl wrap giving it a more classy look as compared to usual plastic PC speakers.

  • Left one contains volume-control knobs circled in blue light and is therefore slightly heavier than the right speaker. They are connected via a thin piece of speaker wire. The power supply is located at the backside of the left speaker.

  • This may seem annoying depending on the setup configuration and the fact that you will be “reaching around the back” every time.

  • However, it comes with the benefit that the power cord just needed to be a 2-prong cord instead of a long one. M-Audio AV40 also includes a 3.5mm cord helpful in plugging directly into the headphone jack.

Sound Performance And Quality

  • The performance of the speakers is volume-dependent. At higher ranger, these can perform quite well without any distortion regardless of the bass content of the audio.

  • However, you might notice a lack of detail in the high-frequency range. The degraded character of the highs at maximum volume can often only be noticed by very dedicated ears.


  • M-Audio AV40 is not a very smart choice when it comes to low volumes. As mentioned before, the Bass Boost button has been removed in the new version which affects the sound quality at lower volume ranges.

  • Users describe the performance at low profile as “flat” when compared to previous AV40 models. The 4 inch woofers are also small for professional use. Nonetheless, they work fine as both an impromptu studio monitor and a PC speaker system.  They are impressive despite the few drawbacks and slightly larger size.


  • It is typical for speakers to emit stray magnetic flux. This can cause a problem for nearby computer’s video monitors, mobile devices, or TV.

  • To deal with these issues, manufacturers have made AV40 magnetically shielded. They can co-exist with other electronic equipment without causing any interference.

Overall Connectivity

  • AV40 is extremely flexible in terms of connectivity. There is a prominent volume knob evident on the bottom left corner of the left speaker encircled with a blue LED ring to show power. On the same speaker, at the bottom right there are 2 standard-sized 3.5 mm jacks.

  • These are meant for headphones and Aux each. These features are quite handy for use with iPods or mobile phones. The back also contains a stereo pair of RCA jacks and a pair of ¼ inch TRS inputs.

What’s Missing?

There are many expensive speakers sets out there and unfortunately M-Audio AV 40 ranks well on that list.

If you want to manage your budget then this is not the right choice for you. Especially when most customers proclaim that even a most “healthy” set would last only up to 1 year.

Tip! “If you are looking to save some money, check out their M-Audio Studiophile AV30 as they’re a bit cheaper (around $40 difference).

Also, after the removal of the Bass Boost button, the speakers have lost the efficiency at lower ends and sound rather flat. Additionally, there is an issue of over-heating when they remain in use for a longer period of time.

It is advised to set the room to a nice temperature, especially in hot weathers, otherwise, you run the risk of heating them too much and causing irreversible damage.

Final Verdict On M-Audio AV 40

In a nutshell, AV40 is a perfect choice for enjoying multimedia and gaming. They especially excel at high volumes than any other speaker set in the market. M-Audio AV40, however, falls short in its capacity to function as studio monitors.

Average users often find that they sufficient as monitors but the experts vary in their remarks. Most of them are not happy with their performance when used in this manner.

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