KZ ZST Review – Why These $20 Earbuds Worth Spending Money?

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KZ ZST have gained a reputation of their own in the tech world of today.

The technology behind these earbuds & headphones has developed so extensively over the years adding new and more exciting features with every new model.

As far as top of the line headphones are concerned, the KZ ZST is in a league of its own. It has quickly become a popular headphone choice among customers looking for cheap ear buds.

These earbuds lie in the category of earbuds under $50 but it doesn’t by any means compromise in quality or technology behind it.

Earbuds have become more than an accessory nowadays by affording their users the convenience of use and the sense of privacy.

Easy KZ Yinyoo ZST Colorful Hybrid...Something Great
  • 【COMFORTABLE&EXCELLENT SOUND】Solid ergonomic wear experience, Durable, Designed with a memory wire technology, the in-ear headphones make it easier to keep moving, providing a locked-in fit. Independent sound channel for each driver, the sound will not be distorted, Bring you a new kind of auditory sense, dental, and sound like feeling extremely rich, The mid bass and treble driver unit have a rich, vigorous performance at bass, midrange and treble; bass, mids and treble is rich and energetic.

I Know! Most of you guys have question in mind why these earbuds are worth spending money. Although the price point is not really high of this earbud. But you have to wait & read all its shocking feature, so no doubt remains in your mind.

Further improving the experience with the introduction of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The KZ ZST stands out among a wide selection of earbuds because of the indisputable satisfaction it offers its customers in terms of:

  • Durability
  • Sound Quality
  • Noise Reduction
  • Level of Comfort
  • Breath-ability
  • Within Budget

No doubt looking for the earbuds that are a best fit for you can be tricky. This article helps you make that choice by highlighting all the exciting features KZ ZST has to offer its users.

Top Rated: KZ ZST Hybrid Wireless Earbuds
  • Long lasting due to detachable cables
  • Comfortable in-ear hook design
  • Within accessible price range of $20
  • Imbued with the cutting-edge technology
  • Incredible sound quality by virtue of hybrid technology
  • Fortified make and model
  • Aesthetically pleasing outlook
  • Appear flimsy because of the lightweight quality
KZ ZST Hybrid Wireless Earbuds
Advance Hybrid Technology

The dynamic driver aids in reaching the powerful bass tones and the balanced armature enables the headphones to stabilize the higher notes achieved.
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KZ ZST Hybrid Wireless Earbuds Review

The KZ ZST is a part of the Knowledge Zenith’s latest in-ear headphones range. KZ offers its consumers the state of the art technology in the best possible prices. KZ ZST is part of the ZS range that is somewhat more popular because of the colorful exterior that appeals to the customers.

Aside from being visually appealing the KZ ZST does not fall short on their promise of cutting edge technology by any means with its hybrid technology and dynamic driver along with a balanced armature. The best part being that this top of the line set of earbuds is available at a reasonable price tag of only $20.

The KZ ZST is a prime model of the modernization of the in-ear headphones technology. It is specifically designed to achieve all the customer satisfaction points of better sound quality, comfortable fitting and visual aesthetics.

Hence making it the complete package for anyone looking for a decent pair of headphones within an affordable price of $20.

Not only this, these headphones come with a One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. This means that if you face any problems with your headphones at any time you can get it checked out or even replaced.

Also to put you further at ease with them, the Knowledge Zenith has a 30 Day Return Policy. So you can get yourself a pair of these in-ear monitors and check them out but if you still don’t feel they are the right fit for you, you can easily return them.

Now that you have moved past your inhibitions regarding buying these headphones or not let’s have a look at the technical aspects and the features that come along with these fancy pair of headphones.

Features of KZ ZST Hybrid Wireless Earbuds

Noise Cancellation

  • When you have your ear buds plugged in you do not want the sound from the surrounding hindering your music and making the audibility less.
  • The Noise Cancelling Acoustic Chamber is especially designed to cater to the limiting of surround sound and reducing the noise content to better aid in your listening experience.

Acoustic Chamber

  • The acoustic chamber is kept lager in size in these headphones to provide wider area for sound to thrum and achieve the best bass tones.
  • This chamber plays a vital role in the propagation of sound through the headphones so it is made of a durable material that can withstand any rigorous activities the user takes part in all the while keeping the headphones intact and in better working condition.

Detachable Cable

  • The detachable quality of the cable allows easy replacement and up gradations if necessary though the cable provided with the headphones itself is of great quality that has minimum tensile resistance to protect the cable from breakage or wear-n-tear.
  • It is made up of a special fiber material meant to give best insulation and strength to the cable.

Build Quality

  • These in-ear headphones are made of glossy plastic material but the plastic utilized in these headphones is of high quality to ensure no risk of easy breakage. Apart from that the exterior is visually quite appealing because of the colorful aesthetics


  • The stability is achieved through a specialized ear-hook design to make their fitting in the ear firm. You can even wear them while out for sports or a run without having to worry about them getting pulled out of the ear.               


  • Breathability refers to the internal ear condition after the headphones have been plugged in. These headphones are designed keeping the user’s breathability in view so as to keep the ear temperature normal and ensure that the user does not face any discomfort with the prolonged use of the in-ear headphones.

Final Verdict

These latest in-ear monitors are definitely worth the try with the numerous features it has to offer within an incredible price range of $20. Apart from this the 30 Day Return Policy along with the Manufacturer’s Warranty lasting up to a year is enough to put any inhibitions to rest.

So all-in-all if you are looking for tremendous sound quality with full bass tones that make your headphones thrum but still manage to comfortably sit your ear then KZ ZST are the headphones for you.

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