JBL Xtreme vs Fugoo XL – Which is the Best Waterproof Speaker?

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When it comes to choosing the best option between JBL Xtreme vs Fugoo XL, you will need to focus their feature in detail.

To review those in detail, go through this article.

Some may have focused more on the aesthetics of the product, while others may be durable but not have the best sound quality.

However, since it is you who will be spending your money, you mustn’t have to regret it.

JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth...Something Great
  • Hear the bass, feel the bass, see the bass. Dual external passive radiators demonstrate just how powerful your speakers are
FUGOO Tough XL- Ultimate Rugged...Something Great
  • 360 degree sound with 8 symmetrically placed drivers crank out clean highs, midrange punches and deep, roaring lows. 4 tweeters, 2 mid/sub drivers, 2 passive radiators and a 97 db sound pressure level, the CORE-X fills produces rich audio.

JBL Xtreme vs Fugoo XL – Comparison Guide

To make your choice easier for you, we have reviewed two of the most sought-after portable speakers on Amazon i.e. JBL Xtreme and Fugoo XL.

Both these speakers have some features in common like portability, wireless connectivity, waterproof bodies, etc.

However, they differ in some other features like durability, sound quality, battery life, weight, etc.

If you want to review the list of speakers under $100, then here it is. We will be doing other comparisons of top-rated speakers in the future.

1. JBL Xtreme Review

JBL Xtreme vs Fugoo XL
  • Good battery life
  • IPX7 rated waterproof, can be submerged in water
  • Visually pleasing design
  • Powerful sound with crisp highs
  • Built-in mic with solid clarity
  • A bit too heavy
  • Voice quality could be improved
JBL Xtreme Wireless Speaker
Poolside Parties Just Got Better

With JBL Xtreme’s ability to withstand partial submersion in water and still producing good quality sound, we could call it a poolside party wizard!
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JBL Xtreme 2 Review


  • The body design of JBL Xtreme is a cylindrical shape with a protruding midsection and comes in black, blue, or dark green colour. The product dimensions are 7.9 x 12.1 x 18.1 inches and it stands at 5.27 pounds of weight.
  • Although the cylindrical design might be mistaken for being unstable on surfaces, yet the rubber feet provide rolling friction with the ground or whichever surface you place it on.

  • The dual sound drivers 20mm/20-watt project sound in the outward direction so that it reaches a considerable distance. There are two metallic loops through which a strap could be attached to carry it around.

  • On the top of the speaker, there is a power button, along with a Connect + button which allows connection with other JBL speakers. With JBL, you can connect up to 100 speakers for huge crowds.

  • To the right of this central button, there is a volume up and play/ pause button and to the left, there is a volume down button as well as a Bluetooth pairing button.

  • At the bottom, there is an LED light indicator that indicates battery. At the back, there are ports for USB charging, a micro USB port, a port for power adaptor, and a 3.5mm aux input.

  • It also comes with a mic to allow recording with clarity which could be heard very easily using the voice memo app on iPhone6.


  • JBL Xtreme is a portable speaker with Bluetooth connectivity that doesn’t require you to stay within close premises of the music system. It has a strap hooked to the loops on both sides which allows you to carry the speaker around easily wearing it on your shoulder.
  • However, the speaker is a little more on the heavy side and it would be difficult to carry it in a bag.

Battery Life

  • JBL’s battery life goes up to approximately 15 hours, your experience may vary based on the volume level and your mix of wireless and wired playback.


  • With IPX7 standard rating, the speaker can withstand water splashes and up to 1 meter of submersion in water. Hence, enjoy your music at pool or beach parties without any tension. The snap-shut compartment at the back panel provides protection.


  • The speaker’s music quality doesn’t falter even at high bass and volumes. Although the woofers on both sides are not powered and passively radiate the sound, they still provide an impressive low-frequency response.
  • One slight shortcoming would be the thinning out of bass at very high volumes but it’s full at lower volumes. With the ability to connect up to 100 JBL Xtreme speakers, this product has the charisma of bringing life to your party through sound.
2. Fugoo Tough XL

JBL Xtreme vs Fugoo XL
  • Good Battery life
  • Weatherproof, dustproof, waterproof
  • More connector options
  • 360ᵒ sound effects
  • Wide frequency response range
  • Isn’t supported by any mobile app
Fugoo Tough XL
Your Music Companion

With the advanced IP67 standard protection and long battery life,It can withstand any harsh weather conditions such as dust, rain, snow etc.
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Fugoo Tough XL Review


  • Fugoo Tough’s design stands out from the rest with its uniqueness, the shape of the body is such that it perfectly stands stably on the surfaces. The product has 8 speakers, 4 neodymium tweeters, 2 aluminum domed woofers, and 2 bass drivers.

  • The body has a combination of black and silver colors, there are no other color variations. The core is made of polycarbonate, with stainless steel grills, and the body is aluminum plated.

  • The hard resin, black ends give it a tank-like appearance and make it popular among the bikers, the bike mount and the strap mount make it easier to carry it on the go.
  • The power, volume up/ down, and the play/ pause buttons. There is a micro USB port at the back and a 3.5mm aux cable port for wired connection.


  • Although Fugoo tough gives the look of being heavy due to its durability and sturdiness, yet it is quite easy to take it along when going out.

  • Also, it can be controlled by both Google and Siri voice controls, so you are one voice command away from music search.

Battery Life

  • With a battery life of a whopping 35-hours, Fugoo ensures that your party never gets interrupted. Although the volume levels cause slight variations to the battery life, yet it still can outlast a daylong event.
  • The battery is enough to allow you to charge your phones or tablets by connecting them to the speaker via a USB port. It only takes 3.5 hours o fully recharge the battery, only 10% of the playback time offers.


  • This is the feature where Fugoo Tough XL beats any other speaker that tries to give competition. While most speakers are only waterproof and that only to a small extent, Fugoo can survive up to 30 minutes of submersion in a water depth of 3 feet or 1 meter.
  • It has IP67 standard protection and is rugged enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, dust, snow, etc. So, don’t be afraid to hold parties at the beaches, or generally anywhere for the fear of damaging your speakers.


  • Fugoo’s stereo design isn’t limited to the looks, it generates a loud sound that has good quality and range. With 97 Db of sound pressure level, the sound can be heard up to a distance of 25 meters from the source from all directions due to 360ᵒ sound quality.
  • The passive sound radiators are placed all around the rectangular speaker. Even at high volumes, the voice doesn’t get distorted, the pitch and frequency remain audible, and the bass doesn’t feel hollow.

JBL Xtreme vs Fugoo XL – Which is Better?

Now that the features of both the products have been enlisted in detail, we’ll have a quick comparison of both the products so that you can easily make your choice between the two.

Features JBL Xtreme Fugoo Tough XL
Playtime Up to 15 hours Up to 35 hours
Protection IPX6 waterproof IP67 water, dust, snow, and shockproof
Connection range Up to 30 feet Up to 120 feet (4X greater)
Number of drivers 2 8
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth, USB
Bluetooth version 4.2 4.0
Mobile app connection Voice memo on iPhone 6 N/A
weight 5.27 pounds 4.6 pounds
Pairing Pairing with other JBL Xtreme speakers Can’t pair two Fugoo Toughs

Final Verdict

To sum up the JBL Xtreme vs Fugoo Tough XL review, our final suggestion would be to go for Fugoo Tough. Although JBL Xtreme belongs to a well-known brand and has features that outshine others available in the market.

It has a very good voice yet when compared to Fugoo, its shine is a little dimmed. Fugoo with its long battery life, good connectivity range, and extreme durability beats any product that tries to give it competition.

Aside from these features, it has a trendy design and can be controlled by both android and iPhone. Although JBL overpowers Fugoo in some aspects like pairing with other JBL speakers to create party mode or the advanced Bluetooth version, yet Fugoo still maintains its upper hand over JBL Xtreme.

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