How AI will Impact Content Marketing

Marketing professionals are witnessing a significant paradigm shift in the way they do their jobs. All thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). The rapid growth of AI has been estimated from $ 29.86 Billion in 2020 to $299.64 Billion by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.6%.

Today’s consumers are highly driven to interact with content; AI can make it easier for marketers to find the perfect topic and write a piece that is both engaging and informative. As more companies follow suit, there will be an increasing demand for quality content – making this industry one of the most promising opportunities in today’s market.

We’ll show you exactly how AI can help your business grow faster than ever before, so don’t wait any longer – get started to understand it from today!

Content Strategy and AI Data Analytics

When it comes to planning and implementing a content strategy, AI can be highly beneficial. Data analytics is an invaluable tool that AI utilizes to give you all the information about what your brand needs for success.

In an interview, Mr. Usman Swati, a Marketing strategist of CharlieTrotters – a website project on water treatment issues in the United States – views AI, as a key to success in the content marketing.

As he says, “AI has been using content marketing for eons. In fact, the very nature of content marketing is to use a variety of tactics that attract customers to your site or product page. From keyword optimization in backend tags and H1 text to publishing high quality written content on a consistent basis, a well-established SEO campaign will take countless man hours and elbow grease from many people over the course of weeks and months – all in an effort to reach customers. Google sets certain standards for ranking near the top results page based on which type of business you represent (SERPS), such as ​­a “restaurant” vs “water filters”. If you’re trying to get into someone’s head by closely tailoring your message around their”

AI could collect a large amount of data from customer feedback, survey responses, and online searches. This would then be compiled into one cohesive report with insights on demographics like age range, gender preferences when it came down to certain types of products they consumed most often, shopping tendencies and location, personal traits, and interests, etc., 

Addressing Personalized Needs of Potential Customers with AI 

Since AI grabs tons of data from your audience, highlighting their preferences, traits, and inclinations. This way, marketers just do not simply guess how best campaign messages should appeal to various audiences. Rather, they have access to more specific metrics to plan an effective content strategy. 

In addition to better strategies and communications, AI helps in content planning by addressing the personalized needs of the target audience.

It also provides marketers with insights into what works best for their audiences so you can focus on creating suitable types of content that increase engagement and help achieve business goals. 

Identify Keyword Intent with AI

The intent analysis is the key to improving your content, and AI can help you find what a user is looking for. Machine learning allows systems to learn from data in order to make predictions based on past behavior or patterns of interactions with particular types of content.

AI helps to understand keyword intent as it can learn which words or phrases are most effective for lead generation, what types of blog posts perform well, and how long it takes users on average before they convert into customers. 

AI-driven content will now start to appeal more clearly and directly, increasing the chance of ranking higher in search engines. This is how to have more opportunities to address your target audience on a larger scale.

AI-Driven Topic Inspiration

Starting a blog and then scratching the head to find relevant topics is something that most content marketers experience at any stage of their career.

The State of Content Marketing Survey says that 60% of companies have trouble finding the right topics for their blogs, and 65% find it challenging to produce quality writing consistently.

Marketers are feeling the pressure to measure and optimize the ROI of their content marketing efforts. AI can help content marketers discover new, relevant ideas by performing competitive research on topics selected by you or based on an algorithm.

Comprehensive Data-driven Content Strategy with AI

Data mining or extracting valuable information from unstructured data sets is a powerful way of content analytics. Data mining is used to make predictions about future outcomes, including user behavior. 

Data analytics combined with artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies search for potential audiences and predict their response. Moreover, it can get you more comprehensive insights into public relations efforts. Here are how it can help:

  • You can identify relevant influencers and generate outreach lists 
  • You can spot top journalists that can connect you with your target audience, their contact information, topics they prefer, etc.

Content Marketing with AI as a New Compass

As marketing operations become more sophisticated, marketers need support from capable tools that will be able to help them navigate through an ever-increasing number of channels, technologies, and marketing trends.

AI has the potential to provide invaluable assistance in content creation, research, promotion, and distribution. From writing to publishing to advertising to website management – AI can actually help perform all the tasks that are part of the whole content marketing process.

Content Marketing with Confidence | Final Words

AI is revolutionizing the way we interact with our target audience through our content, and it’s not just for computers anymore.

AI can help marketers build better relationships with consumers by personalizing their content, creating more effective advertising, and bolstering website performance. 

In such challenging times, where you interact with maximum customers online, AI is inevitable to improve customer engagement and conversion rates.

We hope that this information will inspire you or your team of marketers to explore what AI tools are available at your disposal today!

Aisha Noreen is a Marketing strategist and content planner with more than 8 years of experience in the industry. With the wisdom of an old soul, she always seeks innovation and mind-blowing ROI techniques. Believe it or not, her energy, passion, and creativity are contagious. Her unique approach helped many small businesses thrive and she can surprise you in many ways.