Discord Green Circle But No Sound | Issue Resolved!

Discord Green Circle But No Sound

Discord is one of the best applications out there for getting the most out of your networking experience, and you can quickly find communities of interest on the app.

Not only that, but Discord also allows you to communicate in real-time through text messages, multimedia messages, and voice calls.

You can connect with people on your server or build a group of friends to have a group call using Discord’s group calling function (link discord too quiet), which can be voice or video.

Moving forward, Discord displays a green circle around the person who is speaking, allowing you to see who is speaking during a video call, which is simply the best feature.

However, there are moments when you can see the green circle around the person speaking but not hear them causing discord green circle but no sound, which can be a problem for you.

If you’re having trouble with something similar, here’s how to fix it?

Discord Green Circle But No Sound – How Do I Fix?

If you are using a discord app, there is a chance you may have noticed the weird green circle and not sound.

This happens when contacting other users via server, and it can cause several issues such as your internet connection getting restricted because of some unknown reason.

According to your common sense, the first thing you’ll want to do to solve the discord green circle, if your microphone isn’t working on Discord is to make sure there isn’t a system issue, such as a broken microphone.

You should try using it on another PC and setting the microphone as the default unit to see how it works.

If your microphone doesn’t operate on another unit, it’s possible that it’s damaged and needs to be replaced. If the mic works perfectly on another computer’s Discord, the problem is likely with the Discord app settings or your device.

1. Examine The Audio Device

To begin troubleshooting, make sure that the audio system you’re using is properly attached.

If you’re using a wired gadget, such as a speaker or headphones, check the audio jack, or if you’re using a wireless audio device, check the Bluetooth connection and control.

If you’re using headphones, make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and that your audio system is correctly connected to your computer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the audio system you’re using should be set as the default output device in the audio settings. If you don’t, it’ll give you problems and you won’t be able to hear the sounds properly.

2. Examine The Audio Controls

You’ll also want to double-check the audio controls since the green circle around the avatar of the person speaking only reflects feedback from their hand.

If you can’t hear the audio and you’ve double-checked that you’ve chosen the correct audio device as the output device and that it’s plugged in correctly, make sure you haven’t accidentally muted the primary audio signal, otherwise, it’ll be too quiet.

You should keep an eye on two audio controls in particular. The first is the device’s primary audio output, and the second is Discord’s output.

If you’ve tested them all, the problem discord green circle but no sound will most likely be resolved, and you’ll be able to hear audio from someone who is speaking over the app.

3. Restart The Application

If you still can’t get it to function after trying all of the troubleshooting steps above, there’s likely an error or bug in the software that’s causing the problem, which you’ll need to address.

The solution is straightforward: simply close your application and restart it. This will get rid of the bug and you’ll be able to listen to the correct audio without any problems.

It would be preferable if you could restart the system as well, as this will resolve any device problems you might be experiencing.

4. Restart The Computer

If you’ve done everything above and it’s still not working, you’ll need to restart your system (link discord restart) because your device may have created a flaw or error that has caused the audio performance to stop working for you.

You can fully switch off the system before restarting it. You will now be able to start the Discord application from the beginning, which will effectively solve any problems you may be having with the Discord audio.

You will be able to hear anyone who is speaking over the channel and has a green circle around their avatar perfectly.

5. On Windows 10, Allow Discord To Access The Microphone:

If your Desktop Discord mic isn’t working after Windows updates, a Windows 10 device setting is likely preventing you from receiving the mic.

As you might be aware, Windows 10 has a new feature that allows you to condense software settings in the Windows 10 settings.

Allowing Discord to use the microphone in Privacy is needed for external devices such as microphones.

Most likely, you haven’t yet activated the Discord app to use the microphone on Windows 10, resulting in the Discord green circle but no sound problem.

  • Select Start > Settings > Privacy from the Start menu.
  • Enable the choice – Allow apps access to your microphone – under Microphone.

Then allow this option for various apps, such as Discord.

After that, you can go to Discord and use the mic to see if Discord is still not detecting the mic and if the sound in Discord microphone on Windows 10 is still there.

If your discord won’t detect mic and isn’t working on your iPhone or Mac and you are experiencing discord green circle but no sound, you can adjust the Discord voice and video settings in your Discord app by following the steps outlined below.

Alternatively, if you’re a Windows 10 (link overlay not working wow) user who hasn’t been able to get mic work on Discord using the methods above, it’s advised to move on

6. Log Out Of Discord And Log Back In As An Administrator

It is thought to be the fastest method for resolving Discord voice not functioning issues on Windows 10 or other devices.

You can log out of Discord and then log back in with administrative rights if you can’t hear anyone on the mic.

The explanation for this is that you might not be able to voice over the internet as a user, which is why Discord detects your microphone but does not allow you to use it.

As an administrator, you can now launch Discord with the mic turned on.

  • Click the User settings image on the left bottom of the Discord interface, then Log out.
  • Pick Log out from the Discord configuration menu.
  • Finally, confirm that you want to log out.
  • Once you’ve signed off, go to your Desktop and double-click the Discord software to run it as administrator.

With administrative rights, you can now use the Discord mic to voice online in games. Discord’s mic no longer cuts out.

If you’re always wondering why no one can hear you on Discord and  discord green circle but no sound error is seen, the following are the few things you can do:

7. Adjust The Input Sensitivity Of Discord

The Discord app has a setting called Automatically evaluate input sensitivity that is responsible for detecting any audio input devices such as a microphone.

If you have unintentionally disabled this option, Discord will not recognize your microphone unless you plug it in before starting the program. As a result, if your Discord audio isn’t working from your microphone, check and change the input sensitivity setting in Discord.

  • Click the Settings icon in Discord, then select Voice & Video from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, on the right side of Voice & Video settings, locate and activate Automatically evaluate input sensitivity.

You can verify if there is a green circle beside settings by restarting the Discord app and then turning it on again. Then, using a microphone, attempt to speak in Discord to see if there is an echo.

8. Change The Volume Of Discord’s Input And Output

According to gamer complaints, the Discord output often stops working but the input continues to work, and vice versa.

Likely, everything works fine in Discord and Windows 10 or on your mobile device; the problem is with the input and output device you’ve selected on Discord or the volume you’ve set.

If your input or output discord volume too low, Discord will not play music. As a result, you can now adjust the volume to get not picked up calls back to the Discord app.

Choose Voice & Video in Discord settings, then on the right pane, first set the Input and Output system you’re using, then adjust Input Volume and Output Volume to a suitable value.

Make your default unit, whether it’s a headphone or a microphone, in case of Discord audio cuts out. If you’re using a Microphone (Realtek High Definition audio) on Windows 10, for example, you can choose it as the Input Device.

As you can see, there is an Input Mode in Discord for Input Devices, and if the Voice Activity isn’t working, you can adjust it to Push to Speak.

Push to Talk has the drawback of requiring you to click a key each time you want to talk on Discord.

9. Reset Discord’s Voice Settings

If the above-mentioned tweaks for Discord voice and video settings fail to resolve the Discord mic not working error on Windows 10, it’s time to reset all of Discord’s voice settings in the desktop or mobile app.

If there is some corruption or misconduct in the settings, they will be restored to their original state.

Slide down to the bottom of the right pane in Discord settings, under Voice & Video, and you’ll see Reset voice settings.

After that, you must restart the Discord app or the framework for the changes to take effect.

You should try to see whether Discord detects and picks up the mic on Windows 10 by opening Discord and testing the mic as you did in solution 7.

10. Install the new audio driver for Windows 10

Apart from adjusting the Discord app settings, Windows users must also ensure that their audio drivers are up to date.

You can also use Device Manager to uninstall an out-of-date or corrupted audio driver before downloading a new one from the internet.

  • 1.Go to Device Manager first.
  • 2. Extend Audio inputs and outputs in System Manager, then right-click your audio driver and select Uninstall device.
  • 3. Confirm that you want to disable the audio driver.
  • 4. After deleting the driver from Windows 10, go to the manufacturer’s website to get the most recent driver for your audio system.

Of course, you can use Driver Booster to automatically upgrade the audio driver. The microphone should now function properly on Discord after you’ve modified the microphone driver on your machine.

Driver Booster is a driver download and upgrades service that can help users get the new graphic driver, audio driver, USB driver, mouse driver, and other drivers with just one click.

It can even find the most obsolete and incomplete drivers for your device as the best driver scanner.

  • Download and install Driver Booster on your device, then run it with a double-click.
  • Select Scan from the menu. Your audio system driver and microphone driver will be scanned by Driver Booster.
  • Click the Update button. Locate and update the audio and microphone system.

Take some time after installing the modified audio driver to start Discord and join a party and see whether you can hear or be heard.

11. Fix Discord Mic Not Working When Minimized

Many of you are unsure if Discord is available. Why does the mic not function on Discord when you minimize the Desktop Discord program if it hasn’t?

Why is there no sound coming from the Discord mic until changing the default input system to Microphone (High Definition audio device)?

According to several clients, refreshing Discord with the combination key

 Ctrl +R will restore a non-working microphone.

Unfortunately, refreshing Discord is ineffective for some users, but you should tweak other Discord settings in the Discord app if Discord won’t pick up the mic when it is minimized.

Choose to Start minimized or Minimize to Tray on the right side of the Windows settings window in Discord to see which one allows you to use the microphone in talking groups when playing games.

If the mic on Discord isn’t working right now, you will need to uninstall the software from Control Panel or App Settings and then download a new one for Windows 10.


To conclude, you would find it inconvenient to play games with your friends if the error discord green circle but no sound is seen, after adding people on Discord, you discover that your mic isn’t working, use the methods in this article to correct this Discord cutting out the mistake.

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